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Bangalore Outstation Cabs

Bangalore is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Karnataka, also the capital of Karnataka. This beautiful city is a center of tourist attractions in India, easily explored by hiring Bangalore outstation cabs. You have a great option to hire a taxi and explore other prominent attractive places outside the boundary of this city. Hiring a local taxi service allows you to enjoy a perfect ride while navigating from one destination to another. Taxi booking can be taken to visit Bangalore Palace, Lal Bagh, and Cubbon Park are in the city with their various outer spots. Also, an outstation taxi hire will provide a great option to easily navigate places near Bangalore with lots of historical, natural, and religious effects. Travel to the top destinations around the capital by taking an outstation cab with Bharat Taxi.

Why Bharat Taxi As Outstation Cab Service in Bangalore?

Bharat Taxi is one of the best outstation cab service providers in Bangalore that provides outstanding cab booking with a driver for more than a hundred cities across India. We always ensure that our valued customers get the perfect cabs at an affordable rate. We look entirely at the comfort of our customers and provide them with an ideal option to hire an outstation taxi booking from Bangalore for their stress-free ride. With our cab booking services, you can easily enjoy a perfect journey full of comfort.

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How to Hire Outstation Cabs in Bangalore from Bharat Taxi?

If you want to book an outstation cab in Bangalore from Bharat Taxi, you can reach us in various ways. One may be calling customer care for offline cab booking deals from them. We provide the best option to easily avail cabs in this metropolitan area by calling +91 9696000999. By contacting us, booking cabs for the outstation would be much more accessible within a few minutes.

The second option may be booking online taxi hire in Bangalore at an affordable price and best deals. With Bharat Taxi, you can follow some of the basic steps mentioned on our website to hire a perfect outstation taxi at a reasonable rate. The profit of this option is that you can book a fantastic ride with a driver at any time of the day.

On the other hand, hiring a Bangalore cab via Email may also be one of the best options. If you wish to hire an outstation taxi by Email, visit Bharat Taxi easily. Then, you can easily hire a taxi by sending an inquiry email to info@bharattaxi.com. We will surely reach you within a few hours after receiving your Email.

For How Long Can You Hire Outstation Taxi in Bangalore?

If you can take an outstation cab on hire from Bangalore for how long, you can reach us for a perfect solution. We are always available for you to solve all your queries related to outstation cab hire. You will experience ideal leisure during traveling with our cabs from this area. You will indeed have an incredible journey by hiring outstation taxi services in Bangalore at an affordable rate from Bharat Taxi.

State taxes for an outstation trip

Hatchback - Taxes for a minicab with four passenger capacity are as follows Goa (750), Andhra Pradesh (500), Kerela (750), Pondicherry (350), Tamil Nadu(350), Telangana (500).

Sedan - Taxes for a sedan cab with four passenger capacity are as follows Goa (750), Andhra Pradesh (500), Kerela (750), Pondicherry (500), Tamil Nadu(500), Telangana (500).

SUV(6+1) - Taxes for an SUV cab with six passenger capacity are as follows Goa (1400), Andhra Pradesh (1000), Kerela (1400), Pondicherry (1000), Tamil Nadu(1000), Telangana (1000).

SUV(7+1) - Taxes for an SUV cab with a seven-passenger capacity are as follows Goa (2800), Andhra Pradesh (2800), Kerela (2800), Pondicherry (1000), Tamil Nadu(1000), Telangana (2800).

Tempo Traveller - Taxes for a tempo traveler cab with 8+ passenger capacity are as follows Goa (5800), Andhra Pradesh (3800), Kerela (5800), Pondicherry (1500), Tamil Nadu(1500), Telangana (3800).

Popular outstation routes from Bangalore

Bangalore to Mysore cab - Mysore is a beautiful city in Karnataka, just a 4-hour drive from Bangalore. Weekends are perfect for traveling from Bangalore to Mysore for a trip. You can plan a stay there for 1 or 2 days as well. 


Bangalore to Chikmagalur cab - Chikmagalur is a beautiful hill station five hours from Bangalore. This small hill station is one of the finest getaway points from Bangalore.

Chikmagalur     Chikmagalur       Chikmagalur        Chikmagalur

Bangalore to Coorg cab - Plan a road trip from Bangalore to Coorg and hop on a beautiful journey. Coorg is considered one of the finest hill stations in India. Tourists come here from all parts of India. The trip from Bangalore to Coorg takes around 6 hours.


Bangalore to Ooty cab - Ooty is a 6-hour driver from Bangalore. You must cross state boundaries to reach there. So book a taxi and driver from Bangalore to Ooty to enjoy the woods and greenery.

Ooty     Ooty       Ooty        Ooty

Bangalore to Tirupati cab - A destination for devotees is Tirupati, just a 7-hour drive from Bangalore. Cross the boundaries of Karnataka to reach Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh.

Tirupati     Tirupati       Tirupati        Tirupati

Bangalore to Nandi Hills cab - Perhaps the closest hill station to Bangalore with just 60 Km to cover in around 2 hours. A trip to Nandi Hills can be covered in a day. If you are too busy this weekend, travel to this hill station. 

Nandi Hills     Nandi-Hill       Nandi Hill        Nandi Hill

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