A Complete Guide to Road Tripping From Bangalore to Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills are one of the closest hill stations for the locality in Bangalore. Therefore, people in Bangalore instantly plan to travel to Nandi Hills. As a tourist, you should try to leave Bangalore as early as possible to capture the beauty of the sunrise from Nandi Hills. Nandi Hill is a perfect destination, offering majestic hills with cold weather and natural greenery.

Now, a perfect destination also needs an ideal ride. So you can book a taxi service from Bangalore to Nandi Hills and travel flexibly. Firstly, with Bharat Taxi, you don’t have to worry about driving, so you can enjoy sightseeing on the way. You will also have the opportunity to stop anywhere you think has a great view to create memories.

Travel to Nandi Hills from Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the best places to plan a trip to Nandi Hills. Booking a taxi is the best way to travel from Bangalore to Nandi Hills. Hiring a taxi allows you to travel according to your wish. You can start when you like and stop wherever you want. You can choose the sightseeing spot you wish to visit.

Bangalore to Nandi Hills by road

Bangalore to Nandi Hills via Bellary Road is the fastest and shortest route. There won’t be much traffic or congestion except in some parts of Bangalore. Road condition is also good so that it will be a comfortable ride from Bangalore to Nandi Hills. It is essential to check online maps to get a decent idea of current traffic on the way.

Bangalore to Nandi Hills by cab

Traveling by cab, you can cover the distance between Bangalore and Nandi hills in optimum time. It takes around 90 min to cover the distance of 70 Km. If you book an outstation cab, you can start the trip as early as 03:00 Am or 04:00 am to enjoy the magnificent sunrise from Nandi Hills.

 Other modes of traveling

By Flight

There is no direct flight to Nandi Hills. So the nearest airport tourists can fly to is Kempegowda Airport or Bangalore Airport. You can get to the airport and take a cab from Bangalore to Nandi Hills.

By Train

Chikkaballapur Railway Station will be the closest if you plan to travel by train. There are multiple train options you can choose from for traveling to Chikkaballapur. It takes approximately 90 minutes to cover the distance.

Best time for Bangalore to Nandi Hill Road Trip

Nandi Hills are pleasant for a visit throughout the year. You can visit during winter for an enjoyable ride and calm, cold weather. The best time to visit Nandi Hills starts in September and ends in May. You should avoid visiting Nandi Hills during monsoon. Rain can make roads slippery and not easy to drive in challenging terrains.

Best places near Nandi Hills

Nandi Hill is situated at the height of 1479 meters above sea level. With pleasant weather and greenery, traveling here provides a much-needed break from hectic city life. You can tour around Nandi hills and have a wonderful time. For those who want to witness the sunrise, be there between 06:00 And 06:30 Am. Gates for the viewpoint open at 05:45 Am, so leave Bangalore city accordingly.

Some places to visit

Devanahalli Fort: Fort located 35 Km from Bangalore comes en route while traveling to Nandi hills. Known as the birthplace of Tipu Sultan, this fort is a must-visit. There are many temples to visit, but hiking is the only way to reach them.

Karting Adventure: If you love activities, you should visit Nandi Hills. Many activities are available there, like go-karting, bungee jumping, etc. These activities are fun and create memorable times with family and friends.

Bhoga Nadeeshwara Temple: Built by the Cholas, Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple is one of the oldest temples in Karnataka. It was built in the 9th century and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Grover Vineyards: Another fun activity that you can enjoy is vine tasting. Visit Grover Vineyard, which covers over 410 acres of land. Enjoy touring around, bird watching, and enjoying some exclusive vine.

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