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A Complete Guide to Road Tripping From Bangalore to Coorg

As the ‘Scotland of India,’ the beauty of Coorg is unmatched. With the quietness of the mountains, peace in the lush green forest, and the smell of coffee, visiting Coorg is a luxurious experience. Coorg is a perfect getaway holiday destination for taking a break from daily life. It’s a destination where you relax, and not get busy with touring and physical activities. There are some beautiful resorts in Coorg to choose from for your stay.

Travel to Coorg from Bangalore

Coorg is the land of happiness. Travelling to Coorg is a magical experience. However, a road trip is the best way to enjoy this beauty. Travel with mountains, valleys, coffee plantations, and picturesque views around you. You can enjoy this experience at its best with Bharat Taxi. Our most experienced drivers allow you to roll down your window and enjoy nature. Bharat Taxi offers you the best fare and flexibility to enjoy the trip as you wish. You can start the journey anytime and stop at any location until the time is satisfied; there is no foundation. Book an outstation taxi from Bharat Taxi at affordable prices.

Bangalore to Coorg by road

Travelling by road is the most comfortable way to travel from Bangalore to Coorg. However, choosing which route to take from multiple options is tough. Here, we can provide some insights for you to choose the best way.

Route 1: Bangalore to Coorg via NH 275

The best and shortest way to reach Coorg from Bangalore is NH 275. However, being the fastest route, it has too much traffic and congestion. But here we have listed some famous places you can visit on the way.

Mysore: The city of Mysore in itself is a great tourist attraction. Visiting Mysore, you can tour the iconic Mysore places. There are multiple other tourist attractions that you can visit in Mysore. If you are a foodie, don’t miss out on the unique cuisines in the city.

Ramdevara Betta Vulture Sanctuary: As the name suggests, this sanctuary is a natural reserve for a considerable population of vultures. Only 50 km from Bangalore, it’s a good place for the first break on your trip to Coorg.

Kanva Reservoir: A slight detour can take you to a beautiful lake surrounded by hills.

Route 2: Bangalore to Coorg via NH 75

This route via NH 75 is the longer route; checking traffic on maps before starting is recommended. Unfortunately, there are few places to explore while traveling to Coorg via NH 75.

Nelamangala is a popular camping and trekking location outside Bangalore. You can also drive around
The area is enjoying its beauty and carries on towards Coorg.

Statue of Bahubali and Jain Temple: This place is a pilgrim site for Jains in India and has a 500-year-old statue of Digambara Jain. This place is also famous for trekking and sightseeing.

Bangalore to Coorg by cab

Booking a taxi service from Bangalore to Coorg is the best travel method. It will take a minimum of 5 hours to complete the journey from Bangalore to Coorg. You will have to cover a distance of more than 260 km, so book a comfortable ride from Bharat Taxi.

Other modes of travel

By Flight

When traveling to Coorg, you will have no direct flights. However, you can take flights to two airports to travel to Coorg.

Option 1: Flight to Mysore

You can take a flight to Mysore, but there will be limited flights from other parts of India. You can take a cab from Mysore to Coorg. The distance from Mysore to Coorg is approximately 125 km and is around a 3-hour drive.

Option 2: Flight to Mangalore

Mangalore has an international airport and has good connectivity to all other parts of India. You can book a taxi after reaching Mangalore. Mangalore to Coorg is approximately 140 km and takes around 3 hours to cover.

By Train

There are no direct trains from Bangalore to Coorg. The nearest railway station to Coorg is Mysore Railway Station. There are multiple trains at different times available from Bangalore to Mysore. From Mysore, you can book a cab for travel to Coorg.

The best time for Bangalore to Coorg Road Trip

The Hill of Coorg is the best place to plan a road trip. Coorg has pleasant weather throughout the year. However, winters are cold but pleasant for a visit. You can also tour Coorg during the summer and spring to escape Bangalore’s scorching heat.

What to do in Coorg

Coorg is a place where you cherish natural beauty. Enjoy the smell of coffee; you can even try some exquisite raw coffee on that plantation. You can explore a few places, like Dubare Elephant, the camp where you can spend your day. Madikeri Fort is another attraction, and you can also plan a trek to Tadiandamol Peak. Finally, there are a few falls you can plan a visit to, like the famous Abbey Falls or Iruppu Falls.

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