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Patna Taxi

It may be a plan of the Almighty that the greatest kings and saints in the history of India chose this blessed city as their “KARMA KSHETRA”. Having a recorded history of more than 2000 years, Patna has been a stronghold of various powerful kingdoms including the formidable Magadh Empire followed by the Sunga dynasty, Kanvas, and eventually the Guptas. The city also has seen the grandeur of the Mughal Empire which ruled over India from AD 1526 to AD 1857. The city of Patna having a rich history offers a lot to its visitors and you can visit them by booking a taxi service in Patna from Bharat Taxi. Referred as ‘Patliputra’ in the medieval era, this city was a seat of learning and fine arts and also home to many great astronomers and scholars like Aryabhata, Vatsyayana, and Chanakya. 

This historically rich city has got many popular places to visit like Golghar, Ruins of Pataliputra, Nalanda Mahavihara, Khuda Baksh Oriental Public Library, Mahavir Mandir, Takht Sri Patna Sahib, Choti Dargah, Jain Temple of Pawapuri, Patna Museum, Jalan Museum, and so on, which can be easily explored by booking a cab for hire in Patna. Patna holds prominent importance in our ancient, medieval, and modern history and so easy mobility in the city becomes very crucial. For this, you can avail the benefits of online cab booking in Patna from Bharat Taxi at the most affordable price. Availability of a taxi on rent in Patna has never been so easy and affordable before this. 

Not only this, with the help of cab rental in Patna by Bharat Taxi you can explore the nearby places from Patna as well. Tourist hotspots like Nalanda, Rajgir, Bodhgaya, Gaya, Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur, Lakhisarai, all can be visited by cabs in Patna. All you need to do is book a taxi in Patna and head-on with your journey. With the advent of online booking of a taxi on hire in Patna, your travel time reduces and comfortability increases.

Cab Service in Patna with Bharat Taxi- Why?

Bharat Taxi is one of the best providers of cab service in Patna. Our promise to provide quality service is unparalleled. You can easily get all our below-given services once you book a cab in Patna with us and that too at the most reasonable price. 

Select your Car for Travel: A wide range of cars are being provided by Bharat Taxi. We offer everything, from sedans and hatchbacks to Innovas, tempo travelers, and even luxury vehicles like BMW and Audi. You can select any among them, as per your choice and comfortability.

Experienced Chauffeurs: Our drivers are hired after a 30-point test, also their familiarity with the routes, and knowledge about the local traffic and language is checked.

Easy Process of Booking: With Bharat Taxi you can hire our taxi rental in Patna with just a phone call on our helpline no. +91 9696-000-999 or +7607003240, or a few clicks on our website www.bharattaxi.com or email us at info@bharattaxi.com. By using any of the three ways you can easily book a cab in Patna with us.

Transparent Billing: A clear and transparent invoicing is the most significant part of any sector. Bharat Taxi is committed to providing honest services to its customers and so it provides a detailed bill from start to end. No extra charges are collected without your prior information. Also, you get the details of your bill either on your phone number or on your email address which you have provided.

Round-the-clock Service: Bharat Taxi gives 24x7 service to its customers. So there is no need to bother while making some random travel plans whether local or outstation. In case of any emergency, our cab service will always be ready for you.

Flexibility Options: You can choose any date, time, location, and car as per your convenience across India and we will provide you our taxi service at the cheapest price.  

Book Affordable Taxi Service in Patna from Bharat Taxi

Cab service in Patna is famous across the country. No other means of transportation is as comfortable as a private cab and so a cab on hire in Patna becomes the best mode of travel. You can avail the benefits of taxi booking in Patna from Bharat Taxi at the most reasonable and affordable price to visit all tourist destinations here. Outstation cab rental in Patna is also provided with well-trained drivers to make your journey safe, sound, and comfortable. Not only that, the cars given by us are the best and at the most reasonable rate.  

Steps for Cab Booking in Patna from Bharat Taxi 

Bharat Taxi has made cab booking in Patna very easy and affordable. You just need to follow some simple below-given steps and head on with your journey. Moreover, once you book a cab in Patna from Bharat Taxi, your future booking process with us becomes even easier. 

1. Pick the Type of your Journey- i.e.whether local tour meaning within the city, outstation trip, or an airport pick-up or drop.

2. Tell your Details-  Tell us some of your details like your date and time of journey, and your pick-up location.

3. Select your Car-  Choose cars among sedans, hatchbacks, Innovas, tempo travelers, and luxury vehicles.

4. Confirm the Booking-  As you pay some token amount with your card or e-wallet your booking gets confirmed and you receive a message of the same.

Our website is very user-friendly and easy to understand and use, and so you can book a taxi in Patna without any difficulty. 

Patna Taxi Fare Sheet
8Hrs/80KmsOutstationOutstation Oneway
Car Name Car Fare
IndicaRs. 1850
Indigo CSRs. 1875
Maruti Swift DzireRs. 1790
InnovaRs. 2400
Toyota CrystaRs. 3000
ScorpioRs. 2300
Car Name Car Fare
IndicaRs. 11.5/Km
Indigo CSRs. 12/Km
Maruti Swift DzireRs. 12/Km
Toyota InnovaRs. 17/Km
Toyota CrystaRs. 18/Km
ScorpioRs. 16/Km
Tempo Traveller (12 Seater)Rs. 22/Km
Tempo Traveller (16 Seater)Rs. 24/Km
Tempo Traveller (20 Seater)Rs. 26/Km
Tempo Traveller (26 Seater)Rs. 30/Km
Car Name Car Fare
IndicaRs. 11.5/Km
Indigo CSRs. 11.5/Km
Maruti Swift DzireRs. 12/Km
InnovaRs. 16.5/Km
Toyota CrystaRs. 18/Km
ScorpioRs. 16/Km
Tempo Traveller (12 Seater)Rs. 19.5/Km
Tempo Traveller (16 Seater)Rs. 20/Km
Tempo Traveller (20 Seater)Rs. 24/Km
Tempo Traveller (26 Seater)Rs. 30/Km

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