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Digha is a beach city located on the seashore. Tourist comes in and uses the taxi service in Digha as there mode of travel. Located in the east Medinipur district Digha attracts thousands of visitors every year. Cabs in Digha are very important handling so many tourists every day. Locally it is famous for weekend get outs and family small trip particularly for the people of Kolkata. Taxi in Digha is really important for tourist to get back to their location. It is the nearest and most popular sea resort in West Bengal.

Digha’s old beach is quite small and overcrowded during the winter break. Anyone can come and enjoy there time here in Digha. Digha car rental is the best way to travel inside the city boundaries. Situated 2 kilometers from old Digha beach, New Digha beach is more magnificent than the older one as the newly open National Science Center adds charm to its beauty. Tourist can also travel from old Digha to new Digha with the help of Digha taxi service. Moreover, the food is quite cheap at Digha. You can enjoy fish curry and rice at just Rs. 20 to Rs. 35. Cab service in Digha is also helpful in exploring the local cuisine.

If you are planning to visit Digha, then choose Bharat Taxi. A leading online car hires company in Digha providing car on rent at low rates.  Bharat Taxi offers a wide range of services in Digha including Airport Transfer, Local use, Outstation. With Bharat Taxi booking a car online has never been so cheap and simple. Tourist destinations which you can visit with rental cabs in Digha include Udaipur, Marine Aquarium and Research Center (MARC), Lord Shiva Temple at Chandaneshwar, Janput, Shankerpur, Subarnarekha River, Talsari, Mandarmani, Amrawati Lake, Chirulia, Science Center, Snake Farm, etc. You will also have choices of various types of cabs in Digha including Hatchback, Sedan and SUVs.

Digha Taxi Fare Sheet
8Hrs/80KmsOutstationOutstation Oneway
Car Name Car Fare
IndicaRs. 1290
Indigo CSRs. 1420
Maruti Swift DzireRs. 1425
Chevrolet TaveraRs. 1780
XyloRs. 1790
InnovaRs. 1800
Car Name Car Fare
IndicaRs. 9/Km
Indigo CSRs. 9/Km
Maruti Swift DzireRs. 9.5/Km
Chevrolet TaveraRs. 12.2/Km
XyloRs. 12.3/Km
InnovaRs. 12.5/Km
Car Name Car Fare
IndicaRs. 8.5/Km
Indigo CSRs. 9/Km
Maruti Swift DzireRs. 9/Km
Chevrolet TaveraRs. 11.7/Km
XyloRs. 11.8/Km
InnovaRs. 12/Km

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