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Lonavala a popular hill station lies in the foothills of Sahyadri mountains at an altitude of 2,047 ft. above sea level is a sister hill station located side by side in the state of Maharashtra. Tourist visits this place quite often and uses Lonavala taxi service for their traveling needs. This is a great weekend gateway destination because of its locations which lie in between two major cities expressway. The city attracts tourist multiple times from Maharashtra and nearby area and they use taxi service in Lonavala for traveling around. The place is stuffed with the entire element necessary for making this place a kind of destination that charms many tourists over a period of time. Cabs in Lonavala are the best traveling option there for sightseeing. Lonavala car rental acts like a guide and tourist take away the best experience.

Lonavala is highly blessed by Mother Nature that’s why every corner of this lush green hill station presents a picturesque view. Lonavala cab will take you to every corner of the city for these views. The frosty and snowy cascades, amazing Lakes, beautiful clouds that seem like flying presenting a divine view and an emerald green blanket looks like interleaving the whole landscapes all these make this place a charismatic and enigmatic tourist destination. One of the place in India which is a must visit, and cab service in Lonavala handles the entire tourist very well. The places you can visit with the taxi in Lonavala are Lonavala Lake, Tiger’s Leap Valvam Dam, Karla Caves, Lion’s Point, Rajmanchi Point, Ryewood Park, and Shivaji Udayan are the main attraction of Lonavala. Being located in the district of Pune and nearby Khandala it is a popular gateway destination among the locals and also people from all over the country.

Moreover, its location in the expressway makes it very reachable and accessible and transport system plays a vital role and Bharat Taxi who is a key player of car rental in Lonavala sector offers great services in reaching Lonavala. We are here to bring a difference in experience so we designed our car rental services in such a manner that it fulfills and give customized taxi services to our customers. Our range of services which includes car hire, luxury car rental, cab booking, sightseeing/weekend packages, online taxi hire, and many more services so that visiting all the beautiful places lies in Lonavala can be possible. Our long range of fleet of cars which includes economy cars like Indica ECS, Swift Dzire, Honda City, etc., luxury cars includes Ford, BMW, Volkswagen, and SUVs cars which include Bolero, Innova, Scorpio, etc. apt for every kind of traveling and also suits travelers coming from different walk of life. We are here to offer services that can make traveling to this beautiful and fascinating hill station an experience that can be cherished over a period of time.


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