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Car Rental Services In Kutch

Kutch is a largest district in the state of Gujarat state. Literally Kutch means area which becomes damp and arid depending on the atmosphere.It is famous for Great Rann of Kutch which is a marshland which partially plunges in water during the monsoons and becomes arid during the summer.kutch is a small municipality in Kutch district. This city is one of the first places where temples of Swaminarayan temples build in early 19th century. Shree Swaminayan Temple, Hamirsar lake, Pragmahal Palace, Aaina Mahal, kutchiyo Hill, Chhatardi, Kutch Museum, Kera, Lakhpat, Bhadreshwar, Ancient signboard Dholavira, Banni Grasslands Reserve, Chari-Dhand Wetland Conservation Reserve, Darbargarh Palace, Great Rann of Kutch, Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary,Kutch Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary etc. are the major tourist destinations in Kutch and kutch. If you are looking for car rental kutch let us know and Bharat Taxi provide you with best customized deals for car rentals and taxi hiring in kutch, Bharat taxi has a wide range of packages options including cabs booking, kutch car rental, car rental in kutch, luxury car rental kutch, rent a car kutch, corporate car rental kutch, business rent a car kutch, kutch cab booking, Taxis / Cabs in kutch, Business Tour in kutch, Long Term Car Rentals in kutch and more. You can book any car from bharattaxi.com.

Kutch Taxi Fare Sheet
8Hrs/80KmsOutstationOutstation Oneway
Car Name Car Fare
Indigo CSRs. 1420
Maruti Swift DzireRs. 1425
InnovaRs. 1800
Car Name Car Fare
Indigo CSRs. 9/Km
Maruti Swift DzireRs. 9.5/Km
InnovaRs. 12.5/Km
Car Name Car Fare
Indigo CSRs. 8.5/Km
Maruti Swift DzireRs. 9/Km
InnovaRs. 12/Km

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