India is a bouquet of various flowers. Due to the diverse culture of India, the customs, languages ​​, and traditions of this country also differ. Not only this, but some religious festivals in India are also celebrated in different ways in different cities of the country. These variations represent a unique example of great diversity in interrelationships with each other. If we talk about festivals, all festivals in India are celebrated with great enthusiasm. All the festivals here are symbols of faith as well as entertainment for the people. As autumn approaches, the festival season in India comes to its peak where you will get most of the famous festivals. Starting from Navratri, it continues till Dussehra, Karva Chauth, Deepawali, Bhai Dooj, and Chhath. Deepavali, the festival of autumn on Kartik month, is a major religious festival for the people of the Hindu religion.

The Way of Celebrating Diwali in India

The festival of Deepawali has celebrated with great pomp in other countries of the world therewith India. It is celebrated in different variations like Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Australia, the United States, Britain, New Zealand, Fiji, and Africa. Let us talk about the different color variations of Deepawali in India. Deepawali is celebrated in India in a very different way. People generally know that Diwali is the festival of Diyaas, which is a festival of good over evil. But this festival is celebrated in different ways in different cities of the country.

1- Ayodhya 

First of all, we talk about Ayodhya from where this festival started. Ayodhya, famous for the ‘Shri Rama Janmabhoomi’, is known all over the country for its major festival Diwali. It is believed that when Lord Shri Ram returned to Ayodhya after deducting his fourteen years of exile. The people of Ayodhya decorated the entire city with ghee-Diyaas in the happiness of his arrival. And Diwali festival in Ayodhya is celebrated as Deepotsav in the joy of Lord Rama returning to Ayodhya. From then each of the years has become special for the people living here and nearby. If you want to witness this divine and grand festival, you should enjoy the festival by booking a cab from Bharat Taxi.

Every year country and foreign tourists and devotees come here in large numbers to celebrate this festival. The entire Ayodhya sparkle rises with millions of Diyaas & candles. This view seems so beautiful and amazing that you will not lose sight of it.

2- Varanasi 

Varanasi, popularly known as Shiva Nagari, is famous worldwide for its civilization-culture and heritage. The festival of Diwali is celebrated here with great pomp. Along with Diwali in Varanasi, ‘Dev Deepawali’ is also celebrated in a grand manner. ‘Devdiwali’ is celebrated fifteen days after Diwali. Dev Deepawali is celebrated in many states of the country, but Varanasi celebrates this festival in a very spectacular way. Dev Deepawali means Diwali of the Gods. According to mythological belief, fifteen days after Diwali Lord Shiva killed the demon Tripurasura. In order to express this joy, the deities celebrated the Deepotsav by lighting a lamp in the heavens.

Being a Varanasi Shiva city, every year, devotees burn crores of Diyaas and celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. On this day, the entire ghats of Varanasi are decorated with Diyaas and the whole city lit up with light. To see and feel this holy festival of Dev Deepawali, you can make these great moments memorable by hiring a car rental in Varanasi from Bharat Taxi. Varanasi local taxi service will be the best option for you to visit the entire Ghats and Temples without any problem.

3- Kolkata 

Called as ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata is the cultural capital of India. Being the cultural capital of the country, the customary country here is quite different from other cities. Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Shri Ganesha are worshiped on the day of Diwali at other places in the country. On the contrary, Maa Kali is worshiped on the day of Diwali in Kolkata. In Kolkata, Diwali is celebrated as ‘Kali Puja’. This puja is also called ‘Mahanisha Puja’ in addition to Kali Puja. Just as pandals are organized in Kolkata during Durga Puja, similarly Kali Puja is conducted on Diwali. A huge statue of Maa Kali is installed in this pandal. On this day, people here wear new clothes and keep fast.

On the day of Diwali, the famous Dakshineswar Kali temple here keeps the devotees busy since morning. The view of Howrah Bridge, adorned with colorful lights, looks very beautiful at this time. To visit the pandals of Kali Puja, you can book a cab from Bharat Taxi. By booking a cab, you can enjoy this Kali Puja of Kolkata.

4- Goa 

Goa is a beautiful state of India known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant lifestyle. Most people know about Goa’s beautiful beaches, but apart from the beaches, Goa has much more that makes this state different from other states of the country. Diwali is one such festival. The method of celebrating Diwali in Goa is different from other states of the country. Generally, Diwali is celebrated in North India in the joy of Shri Rama’s return to Ayodhya, while on the day of the Chhoti Diwali in Goa; Lord Shri Krishna saved the people of Goa from this Asura by killing Narakasura. Since then, this festival is celebrated with great pomp in Goa. Today as the effigy of Ravana is burnt on the day of Dussehra, in the same way, a huge effigy of Narakasura is burnt in Goa.

In Goa, this festival is celebrated as the joy of ‘the victory of good over evil’. The markets and beaches are buzzed with people on Diwali. In this way, the beaches of Goa are always buzzing with tourists, but if you want to enjoy the seaside and this sacred festival. So make a plan to visit Goa once during Diwali. You can book a cab from Bharat Taxi to make this Diwali a rocking time with friends. Bharat Taxi provides you a cab at a very economical rate. Our taxi services in Goa will make you feel very happy.

5- Amritsar

The festival of Diwali is celebrated not only in Amritsar but throughout the entire Punjab state as ‘Bandi Chhora Day’. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Amritsar as compared to other cities of Punjab. There is a reason behind observing Bandhi Chhor Divas on the day of Diwali, and that reason is that this day, the sixth Guru of Sikhism Shri Har Gobind Sahib came back to Amritsar after being released from the clutches of Jahangir. Hence, the residents of Amritsar welcomed him with liting Diyaas by lighting the entire city with happiness. Since then, this day is celebrated as ‘Bandi Chhor Divas’ by remembering the day of Diwali.

On the day of Diwali, the Golden Temple is decorated like a bride with thousands of Diyaas and Candles. All houses and Gurdwaras are drenched with light. These days, shops of sweets, clothes, utensils, and crackers are more crowded with buyers. The way of celebrating this festival may be different, but the main purpose of celebrating this festival is ‘victory of good over evil’. On one side where people enjoy the company of family, another side, they enjoy the delicious dishes, sweets, and crackers. The people prepare some mouthwatering savory vegetarian dishes to make it special.

Along with all that, this ‘Festival of Lights’ presents the cultural beauty of India. In the way of some colorful and delicious style, it recollects the remembrance of the ‘Victory of Good over Evil’, whether it is Hinduism, Sikhism, or Jainism. And so, on the night of this auspicious day, the lit Diyaas symbolizes the destruction of various negative aspects of human life such as violence, lust, evil, suffering, greed, and lots of others.