Nature has nurtured India from all-natural resources and it has showered all kinds of weather, flora, fauna, and other natural resources on us. Nature has surrounded India with its beautiful cover from all sides. Meghalaya is one such state of India which is full of nature estates. Meghalaya is one of the beautiful states of India. Seeing its natural beauty, the British authorities have called it the ‘Scotland of the East’ of India. Rich in beautiful mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and greenery, the state of Meghalaya is a center of tourist destinations in India. Tourists continue to visit here every month of the year. To make a glimpse of the beauty of this state, a large number of tourists are visiting each year from abroad. Apart from Shillong, Cherrapunji, Dawki, and Mawsynram, there is another beautiful and clean spot in Meghalaya, named Mawlynnong.

Mawlynnong is a village located in the East Khasi Hills district. Mawlynnong village is the cleanest village not only in India but in Asia. Travel magazine ‘Discover India’ declared this village as the cleanest village in Asia in the year 2003. And, In 2005, it is declared as the India’s cleanest village. The village is a center of attraction among domestic and foreign tourists for its cleanliness as well as its beauty. Whenever, you are planning to visit Meghalaya, you must include Mawlinnong village. It is said that the journey to Meghalaya is incomplete without Mawlynnong village. It is a place where the enjoyment of nature and its surroundings takes you to its core. The beauty of Mawlynnong will mesmerize you. Whenever you remember the best memories here, you will be happy.

Mawlynnong Village in the Valley of Khasi Hills

The climate of Mawlynnong is so natural and sacred that it is also called ‘Gods on Garden’. The entire credit for making this village ‘Gods on Garden’ goes to the people of the village and Mr. Reshum Khangathoram. Before being the cleanest village in Asia, this village was like any other simple village in the country. But sometimes ago, due to the outbreak of the cholera salt epidemic, there was panic in this village. To avoid this disease, it was very important to keep cleanliness along with treatment because dirt is the root of all diseases. Mr. Reshum Khangathoram was a school teacher by profession. He gave suggestions to the people here to keep their homes and the surrounding area neat and clean to prevent diseases. Since then, the people here, paying more attention to sanitation, managed to make this village the cleanest village in Asia.

To maintain cleanliness, a bamboo basket is placed at a distance of every 30 meters. All the garbage is collected in this basket and after collecting, it is used as fertilizer in the fields. Along with plastic, smoking is also prohibited in this village. If any person violates this rule, then there is a provision for severe punishment. Toilets have been constructed in all the houses of the village to maintain cleanliness smoothly. Where people are dependent on the government for cleanliness in most part of the country, the people in this village do their work of cleaning themselves. These people believe that this work is their responsibility.

Education & Culture

Along with cleanliness and beauty, the literacy rate of the village is 100%. People speak English very well along with their mother tongue. If you are making a trip plan to visit here, then you will not have any problem talking to people here. Apart from cleanliness and beauty, this village is made even more special by its matrilineal society. Apart from Mawlynnong village of Meghalaya state in India, Nair Namputiri community of Kerala state, Potuwal community is also matrilineal society. In the matriarchal system, the clan is run by daughters. According to this method, a mother gives wealth to her eldest daughter. The children here bear their mother’s surname. Most of the people living here are of the Khasi community.

Agriculture is the main occupation of the people to make a living. The main crop here is bay leaf and betel nut. Apart from all this, orange is also cultivated in the large quantities here.

Making Tour to Mawlynnong Village

You can go to see this beautiful village in any season. But the best season for you to go here will be the month of July. In the monsoon season, the beauty of this village is wonderful. The view of this month is worth seeing here. During the monsoon season, there is greenery all around, and the waterfalls are in full swing. If you want to see clean rivers, November to February will be the best season for you.

The nearest airport to Mawlinnong Village is Shillong which is situated at a distance of 78 km. From Shillong, you can take a local taxi to Mawlinnong village. To enter this village, you have to pay an entrance fee of Rs 50.

If you see from the point of view of tourism, the importance of this village is not only in India but in the whole of Asia. To see Mawlynnong village, a large number of tourists come from all over the country and abroad. Nestled in the lap of nature, this village is like a paradise for nature lovers. As I have already told you, this village is also called ‘God’s Garden’. Therefore, this place is very special for nature lovers.

Sightseeing in Mawlynnong

You will find many beautiful places to visit here. The oldest church here is the ‘Church of the Epiphany’. Despite being years old, its beauty has still continued its charm for the visitors from worldwide. A long time ago, a huge rock rests on a small stone in Mawlynnong. This stone is called ‘Balancing Rock’.

Most of the items here are made of bamboo. ‘Tree Houses’ built on the top of trees are worth seeing. Do visit the sky view made of bamboo wood. From this sky view, you can see the beautiful view of Shillong.

The main attraction of this village is the Living Root Bridge made of the roots of rubber trees. This bridge is not found anywhere except Meghalaya and because of it, tourists come from all over the world to see this living bridge. Walking on this bridge has its own different feel. To add to the beauty of this village, the waterfall here is a center of attraction among tourists. This waterfall is in full swing during the monsoon season. Here you will not have any inconvenience for overnight stay and food. Because almost every third house in this village is a home-stay.

In Hindi- मावलिननॉंग या मौलिन्नोंग गांव- पूर्वी खासी हिल्स में एक खूबसूरत आकर्षण