Diwali is the festival of lights which is celebrated in India with great enthusiasm. If we talk only about its Indian celebration that it would not be the fair thing. Because there are lots of countries of the world where people solemnize with great zeal whether they are Indian or local. Even many of countries such like Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Guyana, Mauritius and lots of other have the official holiday on this occasion. With the second pronunciation of Deepavali, Diwali celebration avails one of the most popular festivities of the Hinduism. And it becomes even more special if making your visiting with car rentals.

Diwali Celebration with Car Rentals:

This festival shows the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. And people decorate their residence with lights, Diyas, and Candles. Also make different decorative molding with various light welt outside of doors, residence building and shops. On the occasion of Diwali celebration, the markets look very crowded and busy because of the Diwali marketing. During this time, it would be much easier to shop with local taxi services on your location. For it, you would just need to double clicking of the Internet and you would get the rental car at your door-step.

There are three main phases of Diwali:

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1- Dhanteras: –

Dhanteras is the starting of this light festival. During Diwali festival, Dhanteras brings the major opportunities for marketing and buying new things such like pots, ornaments, and various other new things. In the market, the shops show the totally different look this day and offer to customers various deals on gold and silver articles. Also, people worship the God “Kuber” who is the God of Wealth.

2- Chhoti Diwali (Naraka Chaturdashi): –

Chhoti Diwali (Choti Diwali) is the second day of this festival which is also called Naraka Chaturdashi. This day people decorate their residence, shops and all those things who can increase the beauty of their surroundings. Also, people buy sweets and preparing lots of things for main Diwali. In the evening, people start the liting of Diyaas from this day to start the major Diwali.

3- Laxmi Puja (Badi Diwali): –

The third day is the main Diwali which is also the full light day and makes all the homage and streets full of lights. The children and elders all decorate their home and surroundings with Diyaas and candles. All the location looks full of lights and has the different looks of pleasure. The people also prepare various dishes on this occasion and get joy with their family members and friends.