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Dharamshala is one of the major cities in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It was recently declared the second capital of the state. Dharamshala is regarded as one of the major stations for starting your journey to the Himachal hills. This city is also home to the 14th Dalai Lama and the Tibet government in exile. Dharamshala is the best place to click lovely pictures and create beautiful memories. You can also visit this city to explore and learn about Buddhism. This city is also known to the international community as the home of the Dalai Lama of Tibet. Here, you will find the top 6 tourist places close to Dharamshala.

Tourist Places Close To Dharamshala:

Dalai Lama Temple:

It’s one of the most important tourist places close to Dharamshala, with the Dalai Lama residence very near this place. This is an important centre for the preaching and teaching of Buddhism. Inside the complex, you will also find shops that sell religious items and books. The morning ritual is the best attraction here, and other than that, this place is peaceful. Dalai Lama Temple is lovely and is visited by Dalai Lama himself 2 to 3 times a year. If you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to listen to his sermons and be blessed. You can book a taxi service in Dharamshala for a local tour.

HPCA Stadium:

Bharat Taxi dharamshalaIn the Tourist Places Close to Dharamshala, HPCA Stadium is famous around the cricket world for having beautiful scenic beauty around the stadium. This stadium increases its beauty at a height of 1457 metres above sea level. If you are lucky, you can watch an international match there. This stadium has a nice ambiance, atmosphere, and crowd that will cheer you up. Tourists can visit this stadium anytime, as it has established itself as a world-class stadium in the international community. Reaching this stadium is not tricky with cabs in Dharamshala.

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Norbulingka Institute:

This place is a must-visit for tourists who want to learn more about Tibetan culture and tradition. Visitors can take a cab service in Dharamshala to visit this spot. The Norbulingka Institute was founded in 1995 to preserve Tibetan culture and art. This place was initially constructed to provide training, education, and employment for the Tibetans. This place is the best in Dharamshala to spend 2-3 hours in peace. After you get inside, you will find beautiful gardens and monks praying—a fantastic view. You can also click on photographs of beautiful places and have a good time there. Inside, you will also have a Buddha temple, which is the main attraction.

Triund Hills:

Bharat Taxi DharamshalaThis is the most popular trek in Dharamshala, 10 km away from McLeodganj. This trek is a ritual for travellers visiting Tibetan cities in exile. You can take a cab service from Dharamshala to Galu and start your tour. Triund Hills has fantastic views. Once you reach the end, you can click beautiful pictures with family and friends. You will fall in love with natural beauty during the trek. The atmosphere during this trek is unique and hard to find in our city life. Trekking around that region is stopped during January and February. So the best time to visit there for trekking is from March to May and September to December. This trek is a pleasant journey through the hills, and it’s extraordinary.

Bhagsu Waterfall:

This waterfall is one of the major attractions near Dharamshala. Nature lovers will find this place unique, as it offers good scenery and the opportunity to photograph. This place increases its beauty at a high altitude of around 7000 feet, making it a perfect location for hill lovers. Bhagsu waterfalls look outstanding and should be visited. They can also take a dip in the chilly water and enjoy themselves if tourists want. It’s an excellent tourist spot and easily reachable with a taxi in Dharamshala.Bharat Taxi Dharamshala

Bhagsunath Temple:

While making plans for tourist places close to Dharamshala, Bhagsunath temple belongs to Lord Shiva, an important temple in Dharamshala. Though it is far from the central city, people still visit it as a Hindu pilgrimage. This temple is also in Bhagsu village and is an important attraction. Tourists can book a taxi service in Dharamshala to visit this temple. An annual fair takes place in September, which is the best time to visit. It is in a beautiful location, with pools and greenery all around. Here, collections are also popular with sayings about having healing power.