If you missed seeing a sheet of white snow this winter, check out the white desert of Kutch. In this season a sheet of white salt completely covers the Kutch desert. Gujarat is a beautiful state of India, which shows our civilization and culture in the world.
Generally, Rann is mean to ‘salt marsh’ as well as you will find here a large area of salt marshes. Hence the desert of Kutch is called ‘Rann of Kutch’ a special occasion held each year as ‘Kutch Rann Utsav’.¬†Known for its diverse civilization and culture, Gujarat is a major tourist state in India. Almost all the cities in this state are very magnificent and beautiful from the point of view of Parton. The name of ‘Kutch’ district comes in the list of these beautiful cities.

Apart from being beautiful, it is the largest district in the state in terms of area. It is one of the oldest cities in the country, in the ‘Dholavira’ salt village of this city, the great ‘Indus Valley Civilization’ was developed. Kutch is also found in Hindu mythology. The city was more advanced and developed than its period of time.

What About Rann of Kutch?

What makes the Rann of Kutch special is the ‘Kutch Rann Utsav’ celebrated here. Traditionally Rann Utsav is organized every year in Dorado of Kutch Normally this festival starts in November and lasts till February. The festival is known all over the world for the white desert, arts, dance, music, and crafts. This white desert is considered one of the largest salt deserts in the world. Some part of it is also in Pakistan but most of its land is in India. The best season to visit here will be the second week of December for you. Because in this season white salt sheet completely captures the desert of Kutch.

There is no shortage of natural and man-made beautiful artwork in this festival. Through the Rann Utsav, you will get a vibrant opportunity to see the colorful culture and heritage of Gujarat. People of all ages are present here to witness this great festival. To see the unique view of the ‘white desert’, native tourists, as well as foreign tourists, also come here in large numbers. The nearest airport and railway station to visit Rann of Kutch is ‘Bhuj’. Bhuj is the capital (headquarters) of Kutch.

To view this white desert, you have to get a permit at the Bhirandiar check post. The rate of this permit will be around 100 rupees per person. You can also get this permit online, and get it done there. The tent house is built in Bhuj Dhordo itself. More and more of our customers take cabs from Bhuj to the Rann of Kutch. And from the same cab, Bhuj also does local touring.

Things to Do in Kutch

The main beauty of this festival is sunrise and sunset. The gloomy desert of Kutch blooms due to the light of the moon on the white desert. This scene looks very attractive when its shining reflects. At sunrise and sunset, when the sun’s rays fall on the white desert, it reflects its atmosphere in blue. In the premises of Tent City, many arrangements are made for folk dances and entertainment of local artists, music shows, etc. Most of the items sold in these markets are handicrafts. Therefore, the beauty and importance of these items increase more. There is a lot to do at this festival like Para Motoring, ATV Ride, Rifle Shooting, Star Gowing, Archery, Camel Rides, and Camel Cart Rides, etc. Apart from all these programs, you will also like this delicious food here.

If you like riding a camel, then you should enjoy a camel ride in the moonlight night light. Camel riding will be new and enjoyable for you. While riding a camel, you can see the amazing view of the beautiful white desert of Kutch. To visit Rann of Kutch during the festive season, you can book a taxi for Kutch Rann Utsav.

Some Other Activities in Rann of Kutch

Apart from Kutch Rann Utsav, there is a lot to visit here, all these places are around Bhuj. Which is important from the point of view of tourism.

1- Kalo Dungar

If you are visiting Kutch, then definitely include Kala Dungar in your trip plan. This place is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of Kutch. The journey of Kala Dungar will be full of adventure for you. Here you can see the top view of the white ran along with the trekking. It is also known as Black Hill. There is also a historical Dattatreya temple on this mountain which is the center of attraction among tourists and devotees. The gravity of this mountain makes it special. Due to gravity, the trains here automatically move backward despite being closed.

2- Aina Mahal

This palace, built in the 17th century, is also known as Sheesh Mahal. This beautiful palace was built by King Rao Lakhpatji. The artwork of Aina Mahal attracts tourists to come here. To visit this palace, you have to pay a fee of Rs 20 per person. And if you want to capture the beauty of this palace on your camera, then you have to pay 50 rupees for it. As it appears from the name, ‘Aina Mahal’ means Shisho’s palace. This palace is decorated with beautiful glasswork.

3- Prag Mahal

Prag Mahal is named after the builder of this palace. King Pragmalji II was the builder of this palace. This palace is a unique specimen of Italian Gothic architecture. The beauty of this palace lies in its clock tower as well as its architecture shows the glory. Which is located on the right side of the palace. Being built in the Italian style, this palace looks different from other palaces in the country. It is this variation that attracts tourists to come towards it. To visit this palace, you have to pay a fee of Rs 50 per person.

4- Swaminarayan Temple

These places are all about walking and having fun, but now talking about spiritual places. Swaminarayan Temple is a sacred place for people of the Hindu religion. Made of white marble, this temple is one of the beautiful and sacred temples of Bhuj. Beautiful gardens have been built around the temple. A beautiful statue of Gangaji with Bhagwan Shankar has been installed in this garden.

5. Kutch Museum

The museum of Kutch tells the glorious history of all the architectural Kutch. In this museum, you will get to see pictures, coins, musical instruments, and artistic carving sculptures. The biggest fame of this museum is that it is the first online museum in India. The museum remains closed on Wednesdays.