Mathura is the religious city of India and one of the holiest cities for Hinduism which is one of the largest religions of the world. This city offers lots of religious and historical spots in and around the city. Mathura and Vrindavan both are the twin city and the home of Lord Krishna. And because of it, the city makes available various religious places to visit here as Mathura Vrindavan Tour by Car Rentals.

During Mathura Vrindavan Tour by car, it would be the best way to visit around especially in Vrindavan to walk arrive point to point on foot. It may be that it would take more than a day to get around the various temples at this spot. But you will get here the full pleasure while exploring here with its special Hindi Language called Brij Bhasha. The old temples are most attractive in the city with a total of seven Prachin temples, it is making Vrindavan amazing to visit.

With a car package for the Mathura Vrindavan tour, it may be the most pleasing moment to explore around. And to roam the inner spots, there are some suggestions that will make your journey most joyful with affordable car rental services in Mathura.

Places to visit during Mathura Vrindavan tour: 

1- Mathura Tour

During the Mathura tour, you will be able to explore the sites that remembering the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Mathura is the hub for the Braj culture and having the abundant culture and temple structure, there are various fairs & festivals celebrated each year. While visiting here, you can explore Krishna Janmabhoomi, Vishram Ghat, Dwarkadhish Temple, and various others by booking a local taxi in Mathura.

2- Vrindavan

On the other hand, when visiting Vrindavan, it will make available lots of pilgrimage sites to visit around. It is at the approx distance of 15 KM from Mathura that takes half an hour. You will get here various old temples that may-be 5000 years old. After arriving here, you can visit some popular points like Pagal Baba Mandir, Glass Temple, Ranganath Mandir, Nidhivan, Banke Bihari Mandir, Iskcon Temple, Prem Mandir, and various others. 

3- Gokul

Gokul may be the other option to explore the beauty of Mathura. And it has also the approx distance of 15 KM from Mathura. It is also the historical spot as well offering different glorious views like Chaurasi Khamba, Brahman Ghat, Raman Reti, Dauji Maharaj Temple, and many other places to explore around. 

4- Nandgaon

Nandgaon is the home of Lord Krishna where he resided for 9 years and 2 months. Nandgaon was the village of his foster father Nand Baba and mother Yashoda. The Nandisvara hill is the major attraction where the main temple is situated. And making the attraction for the lots of tourists from each part of the country. With the Mathura – Vrindavan – Nandgaon car tour package, it would much joyful whether traveling with your family or as a group tour. 

5- Barsana

The next spot may be Barsana- the birthplace of goddess Radha. Situated in Braj region, it has the Shri Radha Rani Temple with Kushal Bihari Mandir that making the major attraction for arrivals from nationwide. Lathmar Holi is the most famous festival here to which people celebrate during Holi. And its preparation goes on for more than 10 days before Holi. It is especially celebrated for 2 days and the people from both sides from Nandgaon and Barsana celebrate it enthusiastically. 

Beyond these spots, you can travel for Rangeeli Mahal, Jaipur ka Mahal, and various others. Also, you can visit Gowardhan and explore Daan Ghati, Mansi Ganga with lots of other attractions. While traveling by car rentals in Mathura, it may be a much easier way to visit with friends or family.