Mathura, the historical city as well as the religious spot, is most famous for the Lord Sri Krishna. In the location of northern India, Mathura is increasing the gorgeousness of Uttar Pradesh. And also making an attraction for millions of the pilgrims via Lucknow, the capital city of the state. Not only makes affinity for the pilgrims but attracts the tourists in large numbers for pleasure reasons. Mathura shows fabulous locations for touring or picnic purposes. Whether as a solo trip or as a group, one makes the full pleasure excursion at this place. And for the lover of Lord Sri Krishna, it offers the best pilgrims spots for sightseeing at Mathura in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

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Mathura Sight seeing

As such the pilgrims and pleasure spots, it makes available the great charm of the ancient cultural views here. Spreading along the banks of the Yamuna river, Mathura has a great charm for the historical customs and people mostly wear the same dresses as in ancient. And this specialty makes it special and charming for visiting this fabulous place. Multifarious temples have different architectures including northern & southern style and have the great decorations and beauty of local culture.

While visiting with the help of the car rental services, you can get the full pleasure moments to ride the different gorgeous spots. There are many taxi services in Mathura which working 24 hours for the visitors from each corner of the country & worldwide. And also from each corner of the country, you can make hiring a car for Mathura touring. Only by the few clicking of the Internet, you can get your favorite cab service whether you are in Mathura or any corner of the country.

In the list of sightseeing at Mathura, you can get here various glorious spots. And with local taxi services in Mathura, you can easily travel the entire Mathura. There are some most famous places that making Mathura charming and mesmerizing.

1- Krishna Janma Bhoomi Mandir

2- Dwarkadhish Temple

3- Govardhan Hill

4- Radha Kund

5- Vishram Ghat

6- Kusum Sarovar

7- Krishna Balaram Mandir

8- Gita Mandir Temple

9- Shahji Temple

10- Kans Qila

11- Mansi Ganga Tank