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Mangalore is a great coastal city and one of the best tourist destinations in south India. This city is also known as Mangaluru and is named after the goddess Mangaladevi. The Port City of Karnataka is essential in terms of the economics of the state. It controls critical port-related activities for the state, such as exporting cashew nuts and coffee and importing wood to south India. Furthermore, as one of the most famous cities, it is the central hub for many petrochemical industries. We provide professional Mangalore car rentals with excellent drivers and cabs for our corporates.

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This scenic place is a fantastic tourist destination where you can go and relax away from your hectic life. You can plan a family weekend to calm beaches and tall coconut trees. Also, make hire car rental in Mangalore for local use and visit many famous tourist spots such as Panambur Beach which is most loved by everyone in the city, Kudroli Gokarnath Temple which was built especially for Billava community, Bejai Museum is another excellent attraction located in the heart of the city, Sultan Battery is was a watchtower made by Tipu Sultan which was created to keep watch over warship in Gurpur river.

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You will find cleanliness almost everywhere in south India, and Mangalore is nothing different. Mangalore is very clean inside out, but beaches are places where you will particularly appreciate it. Tannirbhavi Beach, Panambur Beach, Someshwar Beach, Surathkal Beach, Sasihithlu Beach, and Mangalore Beach are a few excellent beaches that you can find in Mangalore. Moreover, tourists worldwide visit Mangalore and appreciate its cleanliness, knowing how the rest of India faces it as a huge problem.

Outstation travel from Mangalore is also prevalent. Tourists use cab service in Mangalore for outstation. Udupi is a small town in Karnataka and is famous for its Hindu temples, especially Sri Krishna Temple. Mangalore is also a coastal town with fantastic beaches like Kapu Beach and St. Mary’s Island.

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It is a hill station which is immensely popular among people in Mangalore. Coorg is just 150 Km away from Mangalore and takes hardly 4 hours hiring cab service in Mangalore.


The capital city of Karnataka is just 350 Km away from Mangalore. Bangalore is one of the most popular tourist cities in India. Bangalore also hosts many popular events that call many people from Mangalore. So it avails the best opportunities to get joy, pleasure, and historical spots. And with Mangalore car rentals, it also looks fantastic and affordable for visiting.