Kolkata, known as the “City of Joy”, is the capital city of West Bengal. It is the second biggest city in India. Kolkata is a metropolitan city and is of enormous importance in the context of India. Kolkata is the most preferred tourist destination in India and attracts millions of tourist from all over the world. And whether touring with your family or alone, you can get the full joy here in the city & around. For “Where This Weekend”, Kolkata has selected this week and here, we are throwing the most useful & informative light on this capital city.

Where This Weekend @ Kolkata: –
Local Taxi in Kolkata

The Capital city of British Raj has lot more to offer than you would expect it in the terms of tourist destinations. Tourist points like Victoria place, Howrah Bridge are immensely popular all over the globe. If you are in Kolkata, you can simply roam around Park Street, Maidan and the day are over. In this beautiful city, you can also visit Dakshineshwar Temple, Science City, Indian Museum, and Eden Garden. Instead of all these points, there are lots of other spots that offer the gloriousness of charm.

On the other hand, the nightlife in Kolkata is really amazing, there are lots of reputed clubs you can go for. And get there the sources of full entertainment. For these local views, many local taxis in Kolkata are working 24 hours. Kolkata really feels safe even in the night with police patrolling in every corner of the city.

Outstation Taxi in Kolkata

Digha and Mandarmani are undoubtedly the most popular outstation destination from Kolkata. The Distance between Digha and Mandarmani is approximately 30 km and there are two other beaches named Shankarpur and Tajpur lies between as well as. It may take around 4 hours to reach this beautiful beach location and enjoy yourself.

If you reach the beach location early in the morning, you will get crabs, taken out of the sea, roasted, fresh and served. The Best thing about this place is that it is really cheap in terms of lodging, fooding, transportation etc. All together, it’s a nice place for a weekend.

Sundarbans: In addition, Sundarbans is the major attractions here. Know as the “Home of Bengal tiger”, it is declared as UNESCO heritage site. Sundarbans is a National Park and is shared between India and Bangladesh and lies in the vast delta on the Bay of Bengal. For roaming here, you can easily book cabs in Kolkata and make your trip fabulous.

Hence, you can find the different type of animal, birds like tigers, crocodile, kingfisher, fish eagle and more in Sunderbans. People and style of living in Sunderbans will more amaze you. And as a result, plan a trip to Sunderbans will offer you have a good time there.