Once the capital of the British Empire and now Bengal, Kolkata is the ultimate capital of joy. People here are joyful and wonderful to talk to. Visiting Kolkata is one of the best things you could do on your vacation. The City of Kolkata has many tourist attractions which you can see. You can also travel outside Kolkata to explore nearby cities for pilgrims, tours etc. Here is a list of top places to visit from Kolkata for a vacation.

Outstation travel from Kolkata is quite affordable and there are various cab options available for your travel. You can hop on for a tour to pilgrim spots or beaches. Visit natural flora and fauna if it pleases you. From Kolkata, you have various options in front of you and it’s a hard decision to make. Travel to places which suit your appetite and Bharat Taxi will be available with its outstation taxi.

Explore Top places to visit from Kolkata

From this joy of the city, you will get a variety of options to explore nearby. Let’s see some of them: –

1- Gangasagar

You can plan a day trip to Gangasagar Island which is of great religious importance for Hindus. Devotees from all over India come here in huge numbers every year. Gangasagar mela is a great attraction which happens during the month of January every year. Pilgrim comes here with the main purpose of taking a holy dip in the Bay of Bengal.

Usually, Gangasagar visits in a 1-day trip if you start early morning. During the Gangasagar meal, it will defiantly take you 2 days for visiting this holy site. This mela is one of the most renowned in India after Kumbh. Tourists and pilgrims flock here in huge numbers during this time.

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2- Digha

Digha is a seaside town loved by tourists from all parts of India. If you are in Kolkata you should defiantly visit Digha for a 2-3 day trip. You will find beautiful resorts where you can stay and phase out from every day’s hectic life. Enjoy taking bath on the beach or playing some beach sports. You can also stroll around the beach area as it’s not that crowded yet.

If you want to tour around visit a few temples nearby or a few other adjacent beaches. These beaches include Mandarmani, New Digha, Shankarpur etc.

3- Sundarbans

Sundarbans area is UNESCO World Heritage Site and is under protection by the government. Visiting this place and enjoying nature’s beauty is the most spiritual thing to do. This forest is home to more than 120 types of fish, 42 mammals, 35 reptiles, 8 amphibians and 290 birds. Sundarbans also help in protecting the tiger population in India. Approximately 74 tigers have their habitat in the Sundarbans (Indian Territory).

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If you are a tourist this place is a must visit spot for a different experience. You can also stay in the jungles at night. Book a boat ride through the jungle of Sundarbans. After sunset gaze through the stars and spend your time in leisure.

4- Mayapur

The City of Mayapur is the birthplace of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. This place is of high importance for Hindus especially Krishna devotees. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu himself is considered the reincarnation of Lord Krishna. This beautiful city has a lovely view and multiple temples, the perfect place to dive deep into spirituality.

The main attraction in Mayapur is the ISKON temple. ISKON devotees visit Mayapur from all around the globe and in huge numbers. Mayapur ISKON is also the headquarter of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. The main event which takes place here is around Gaur Purnima Festival. Mayapur attracts a lot of tourists around this time. You can also travel to Mayapur from Kolkata around this time.

5- Santiniketan

In the list of top places to visit from Kolkata, this spot would be also one of the bests. Santiniketan is the land of culture, spirituality and meditation. Started with donated land of 20 acres and now spread over 1000 acres, Santiniketan is a must visit. Your visit here will tell you a lot about the life of Rabindranath Tagore. Life of the this great poet will surely inspire you.

Shantiniketan has lots of tourist attractions like Visva Bharti University, Chhatim Tala, Upasana Griha, Kala Bhavan and many more. Touring Shantiniketan might take more than 1 day because tourist attractions are open for a limited time. The limited time of touring is because tourists should not hamper the daily life of locals.