Abode of the confluence of three pious rivers called Triveni viz., Ganga, Yamuna and the third one is Saraswati. It is according to mythology present in a hidden form in the sacred city of Allahabad. It is also a very prominent city of Uttar Pradesh. Allahabad is among the sacred and oldest city of India and hugely visited to take the holy dip in the “Sangam”. And it is the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti while the pilgrims visit at Triveni (Sangam). It is a very popular festival celebrated all over the country. We celebrate it while the Sun transits its location and enters into a Capricorn zodiac sign. On the occasion of Makar Sankranti, taxi services keep the major importance to ride pilgrims one place to another. In the entire city of Allahabad, it looks the best time to visit and enjoy the last time of winter.

Visiting moments with taxi services on Makar Sankranti in Allahabad: –

While this celestial event occurs, the people celebrate hugely as also the time of reaping new crops. So, the people of India celebrate this new crop as a festival with great enthusiasm. As Makar Shankranti is the symbol of the transformation and change of season and also welcoming new crops. So, there are many kinds of events takes place all over the country. Mostly, it includes worshipping and offering prayers. It uplifts the religious spirit of every single soul who is under the effect and charm of this festival.

As this festival is related to new crops, so, we celebrate it all over the country. It comes under different names and also different folklore related to it. But the most common thing on this day is taking a holy dip in sacred rivers. At the banks of important cities like Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain, and Nasik; the pilgrims come to take a holy bath. A huge crowd gathers from all over the places but mostly from nearby cities of the concerned state. So, the devotees from each corner of the country come here in Allahabad on this heavenly event of the year.

It is a very surprising thing that even in the present time when technology and the Internet become part of life and people are rushing blindly towards their goal then also spiritualism finds its place in this hectic life. And there is one more fact run parallel to this modern time and it is hand in hand growth of spiritualism and technology, that is as far as man is becoming tech-savvy and independent his faith and believe is becoming strong.

Importance of Makar Sankranti: –

Allahabad is a famous destination for this event and this year the city is hosting this pious and holy bath at the bank of Triveni or Sangam. So, the city becomes highly stuff with travellers and pilgrims on this particular date. So, travelling there or reaching there from different part of the country becomes very difficult because it flourishes with the voluminous amount of travellers from all over the places. Therefore making prior arrangements of every element of travelling is like a must have things one should consider and in this process local, governmental and public transportation firms such as cab service in Allahabad and taxi services are offering their services but it is an obvious truth that it is not available when there is a peak season going on.

Moreover, this is the time when the season is also not very supportive. So travelling rather than hiring a car en route, Allahabad is an apparent way of reaching there. And become part of this celestial event called Makar Sankranti. Keeping that in mind many cars hire firms drafted and crafted their services in order to cover all the travelling requirement arises, at this time of the year, by the pilgrims who are going to cluster on this festival. But the most prominent way of travelling through the city and becoming the part of this event conducted at the bank of Sangam in Allahabad is by booking a cab either for travelling and visiting all the prominent and religious places of the city or by taxi services for the local and outstation trip in and out from Allahabad.