Rameshwaram is a religious town in the southern coast of Tamil Nadu. And is also the home to one of the most famous jyotirlingas of India which is famous for the sacred home of Lord Shiva. Built during the rise of the 12th century by the ruling dynasty of Dravid and hence you will find the excellent Dravidian architectural skill.  According to the legend, Lord Rama himself did the coronation and thus the temple got its name Rameshwaram. And as per the tradition, the huge Nandi of gigantic 108 Sq. feet is established here.

The most spectacular feature of the temple is that it has the longest corridor among all the religious places of India. And it is standing tall with over whooping 1200 pillars giving support to this ancient structure. Millions of visitors visit Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga per year from all over the world. And the taxi services in this city is flourishing day and night for the tourists here. Apart from the local taxi drivers, there are other car rental companies which provide their services online.


Historical Overview of Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga:

Several interesting stories roam around in the corridors of the temple. As the legend goes by, Lord Ram, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, have done the penance to for the sin of killing a Brahman. It is also the place where Lord Ram built the bridge of rocks in order to cross the sea. As a part of the tradition, only Hindu pilgrims have permission to enter the Ramanathaswamy temple premises. Lord Ram offered prayer to lord Shiva before going finally for battle.

How to reach:

During the month of July-August, the town receives hordes of devotees and thus finding reservations. And you can book online taxi  and car rental services over the internet. There are several online car rental companies in Rameshwaram which provide cab booking facilities over the internet.

Nearby places:

During the trip to Ramanathaswamy, you can visit for Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple, Agnitheertham, Gandamadana Parvatham, Sugreevar Temple, Satchi Hanuman Temple. This temple has a good connection with the major cities like Madurai which is 148 Kilometers, Thanjavur which is 169 Kilometers. Also, Munnar which is 261 Kilometers, Kanyakumari (239 Kilometers) and Thiruvananthapuram which is 273 Kilometers away from the temple.