In the glorious city of India, Lucknow is the largest city in the north of the country and situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This Nawaabi city is emerging as a city that should be watched by big cities. As the capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is growing very fast at the moment, and in the tourism sector, it is also making a special place in India. You can observe hundreds of beautiful places here from one end to the other end which will touch your heart. Here, you can easily find plenty of historical sites, religious places, and points with beautiful souls who can observe pleasure.

This capital city avails the best places for pleasure and lots of the parks, points to natural views, historical monuments, and many other pleasing things. All these are welcoming arrivals with great zeal. And one can easily visit any single point by hiring a car in Lucknow and take the pleasing joy of the location. Whether looking for local or outer spots in Lucknow, you can make it possible with online taxi booking, local cabs booking, and taxi services for outstation in this capital city. There are the stunning points in Lucknow which can visit easily: –

Lucknow Bhulbhulaiya (Bara Imambara): –

First of all, the gorgeous and historical views of Bhulbhulaiya which avail the different sights of pleasure. It has great historical and architectural beauty which attracts arrivals from all over India and the world also. It has kept lots of secrets and shows many mysterious ways in which more have closed now. But, it has kept its attractive & charming gorgeousness. And just at the distance of 5km from Charbagh Railway station of Lucknow and 13km from Lucknow Airport.

Ambedkar Memorial Park: –

Formally known as Ambedkar Park, it is the best park in this city which provides the excellence of the fabulous points for the pleasure and architectural views. It has huge statues of elephants and many other monuments which are offering glorious views and charming the tourists more rather than others. In Gomti Nagar, it is built by the red sandstone which brought from Rajasthan. This park is approximately 7km from Charbagh Railway Station and 17 km from the Airport of Lucknow. You can easily make your trip with the help of local taxi services in Lucknow.

Lucknow Science City: –

For the students and scholars who working on research or those people who love science research, it is the perfect point to visit. Science City has all the practical things related to science areas that provide the gorge of views for arrivals. Furthermore, It avails all the availability of pleasure as well as others. You can visit for the fabulous 3D shows there-after riding for 10km from Charbagh and 19km from the airport of Lucknow via NH230.

Lucknow Zoological Garden: –

For the amazing animals and natural views, Lucknow zoo provides great availability the same as the others. You will find here lots of rare creatures like the white tiger, Bengal tiger, Asiatic lion, zebra, various types of deer & wolf, hoolock gibbon, giraffe, and many other animals. You will also find the state museum in the zoological park as well as. It is 6km from Charbagh railway station and 16 km from Lucknow airport.

Kaiserbagh Palace: –

Another destination is the Kaiserbagh palace. Same like others, It is one of the famous historical monuments which make available the gorgeousness of the architecture. The Nawab Wajid Ali Shah built in 1848-50 and till today makes the charm for lots of visitors. It totally makes the historical & architectural attraction. Approx 5 km from Charbagh, Lucknow offers lots of car rental services and local cabs for transfer from here to there.

Rumi Darwaza: –

In addition to all, this gorge view is about the Rumi Darwaza. While Built in the Awadhi architecture and known as Turkish Gate, Rumi Darwaza is the fabulous views in this city. The 60 feet tall gate calls the tourists for its gorgeous views from each corner of the country. As a result, it makes the mesmerizing views of the architecture. It is situated at 6 km from Charbagh and 14 km from the airport of Lucknow. You can rent a luxury car from the airport and ramble the entire city.

Chhota Imambara: –

At last, It will suggestion for Chota Imambara. Either for the religious views, architectural or pleasure purposes, Chhota Imambara makes the great zeal for spotting here. You can easily view this monument near Bara Imambara & Rumi Darwaza. And due to this, it becomes more charming and attractive also. It is famous for Husainabad Mosque and Satkhanda besides of its other attractions.