A warm welcome to all the tourists in this unique city of palaces. Mysore, known as the city of palaces, is a very beautiful and historic city in the state of Karnataka. The city is a center of attraction among tourists for its various artifacts, grandeur, and magnificent palaces. Mysore has not one or two but several palaces. Such as Mysore Mahal (Ambavilas Palace), Jaganmohan Palace, Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion, Lalitha Mahal, and Rajendra Vilas. These palaces, which reveal the glorious history of the city, still stand strong today. To see the beauty of these magnificent palaces, a large number of tourists come not only from the country but also from abroad.

Due to the advancement of civilization, culture, tradition, songs, and music, the city came to be in fame as the cultural capital of the state of Karnataka. This charming city is popular by many names, one of which is the City of Chandan’.

Wadiyar kings, famous for their monarchical rule, have ruled this city successfully for a long time. Apart from being beautiful and aromatic, the city is also famous for its cleanliness. Here the traffic rules are followed with great rigor. Compared to other cities of the country, this city seems to have less jam.

Apart from palaces, the city is also known for its food, silk sarees, natural beauty, exquisite sculpture, aromatic perfumes, religious places, and festivals. The most famous festival here is Dussehra. During the time of Dussehra, all the palaces here are decorated like a bride. From Navratri to Dussehra, it has the largest crowd of tourists and devotees. This festival is celebrated here in a very spectacular manner. To explore around, book a taxi service in Mysore and enjoy your journey ride with your family or friends.

Places to Visit Mysore

The beauty of this unsurpassed city is less to be admired. The details of important tourist spots of this beautiful city are as follows.

1- Mysore Palace (Amba Vilas Palace)

The construction of the Mysore Palace, one of the largest palaces in the country, began in 1897 and was completed in 1912. It took about 15 years to build this palace. This magnificent palace was built in Indo-Saracenic style by His Majesty Krishnarajendra Wadiyar IV, King of Mysore. This palace is one of the most beautiful and main tourist destinations of Mysore. This palace is a unique piece of architecture. There are many domes in this palace, but the main dome of the palace is made of gold plates. When the morning sun is illuminated on this dome, it looks quite beautiful and attractive. In the time of Dussehra, this palace gets its decoration like a bride. The whole palace is shining with light.

The view of this palace, dotted with light, looks very beautiful at night. Looking at such a unique scene, it seems that Diwali should be today. A huge temple has also been constructed on the premises of this temple. To see this palace, you have to pay about 70 rupees. The palace is open from 10 am to 5.30 pm. Every year around 6 million tourists from home and abroad visit to see this palace.

2- Jaganmohan Palace

Jaganmohan Palace is built before Mysore Palace. The Wodeyar family was kept in this palace when the Mysore Palace caught fire. This 3-Storeys building was built by Maharaj Krishnaraja Wodeyar in 1861. This white-colored palace is a center of attraction for tourists. This palace is mainly famous for its art gallery. This gallery also has its name as Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery. In this art gallery, you will find Mysore and Tanjore-style paintings, sculptures, and rare instruments. Tanjore-style paintings describe stories as pictures. So through the paintings of this style, you can understand the glorious history of Mysore. This palace is open from 8:30 AM to 5.30 PM.

3- Jayalakshmi Vilas

Chamararaj Wodeyar built Jayalakshmi Vilas for his beloved daughter ‘Jayalakshmi Devi’. Because Jayalakshmi Devi was most loved by Raja Saheb. This stately palace with 125 rooms has the decoration with exquisitely carved doors and windows. At present, the palace is the campus for the University of Mysore as its postgraduate campus. In this palace, you can find a collection of various precious art pieces. These artworks are the center of attraction for tourists. Jayalakshmi Vilas Mahal is one of the finest heritage sites in the state of Karnataka.

4- Lalitha Mahal

This beautiful and magnificent palace, built in the 20th century, is the second-largest palace in Mysore. This palace adds to the beauty of Mysore. During British rule, this palace was a guest house for European guests. But in present times this palace (ITDC) is a hotel. If you have the memory of the Victoria Memorial of Kolkata, then this palace looks almost the same. Lalita Mahal has the same decoration as well as the Victoria Memorial has the decoration with a white marble casing.

5- Rajendra Vilas

The golden age of the Wodeyar family, built-in yesterday, this palace has its location at the top of Chamundi Hill. This magnificent palace was used as a summer palace for the Wodeyar family. The Wodeyar family lived in this palace during the summer season. From this palace, you can view the natural beauty of Mysore. It will be very new for you to reach this palace and see it. This palace has its location at the top of the hill and is a matter of curiosity for tourists.

All these details are about the palaces and now we will talk about the other beautiful tourist places in Mysore.

6- Vrindavan Garden

Vrindavan Garden, one of the most beautiful tourist places of Mysore, is the most visited park in India. This park, situated on the banks of river Kaveri, is a center of attraction among tourists. The colorful flower beds and excellent fountains of this park are the life of this park. At night when the colorful light in these fountains burns, the view here seems very enchanting. The beauty of this park is further enhanced by being adjacent to the park ‘Krishnaraja Sagar Dam’. It will be surprising to know you, about 20 lakh tourists have to come here every year. If you are a nature lover then this place will be perfect for you. The shape of the animals made by cutting the bushes in the park adds to its beauty here.

7- Chamundeshwari Temple / Chamundi Hill

This historic temple built in Dravidian style belongs to Goddess Durga. The temple built in the Dravidian style is often Prismavat or Pyramidanuma. This style has developed mostly in South India. Chamundeshwari Temple is a center of attraction among tourists and devotees as it has its location on the top of the mountain. According to the legend, at this place, Maa Durga killed Mahishasura, the demon, on the tenth day after fighting for nine days.

During this celebration, the festival of Vijayadashami in Mysore is celebrated with great pomp. Today, you can see the Processions here. Also, you can see a large idol of the Nandi bull and Mahishasura near the temple. This temple is also special because the idol of the Goddess located in this temple is pure gold. From Chamundi Hill, you can see the beauty of the entire Mysore.

8- St. Philomena’s Church / St. Joseph’s Church

St. Philomena’s Church is located 3 kilometers away from the city of Mysore. This church is also popular as St. Joseph’s Church. Built-in Neo-Gothic style, this church is one of the largest churches in India. The Gothic style generally refers to European buildings with triangular arches. There are many churches and palaces in India in this style. The place is a sacred religious place for people of Christianity. This church is very beautiful and grand.

9- Mysore Zoo / Chamrajendra Zoological Park

This zoo is one of the largest zoos not only in India but in the world. The zoo of Mysore is historic and beautiful as it grows up. This zoo is famous as India’s first zoo. In this zoo spread over 250 acres, you will get to see many different animals. Such as elephants, white peacocks, hippopotamuses, penguins, giraffes, zebra rhinoceros, monkeys, and gorillas, etc. These animals were brought from more than 40 countries. Apart from these animals, a large number of migratory birds visit here. This zoo will be very helpful in your entertainment. This place is special for people of all ages. To enter here, you have to pay 80 rupees.

10- Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum

This museum is the first sand sculpture museum in India, reflecting the culture and civilization of Mysore. All the idols made in this museum are built by MN Gowri. If you like art then this place is a perfect place for you. Looking at the idols here, it seems like she will be speaking right now. To see these carved sculptures, you have to pay 50 rupees.

It is the most popular quote that Mysore is a paradise for tourists. There has been talking of walking in heaven, now let’s talk about eating and drinking in heaven city of Mysore. Apart from its tourist places, Mysore is also famous for its delicious cuisine, silk cloth, sandalwood soap, and other artistic items. Whenever you come to Mysore, do not forget to shop here.