If you are on a trip, one is searching for places that you won’t get in your neighborhood. Jaisalmer and desserts are not something you get to see everywhere in India. Known by the name of “The Golden City,” it should be on your list of places for a visit. This town lies in the Thar Desert, a Great Indian Desert. This city is one of the most visited tourist places in Rajasthan. There are lots of tourist places where you can visit during your tour. A trip from Jaisalmer to Kuldhara village will be a delight.

About Kuldhara Village of Rajasthan

Kuldhara village is located 25 Km from Jaisalmer and is visited by many tourists. This is one place where everybody is very excited before going. Kuldhara village is very popular as a haunted and ghost town. Tourist starts enquiring about the place and listing to stories before the visit. These stories make the stay even more exciting and intense. Background stories have always helped to glorify classes a lot. Book a taxi in Jaisalmer and schedule your trip now with Bharat Taxi.

Story of Kuldhara Village

The people believe that around 300 years ago this village was very prosperous and happy. The inhabitant of this place was Paliwal Brahmins, and the story revolves around them. Head of the state Salim Singh wanted to marry the daughter of the head of the village. It was known that Salim Singh had no good intention for the girl he wanted to marry. Therefore, Paliwal was put under intense pressure for allowing and agreeing to the marriage. However, villagers were firm on not falling to the evil intentions of Salim Singh.

One night villager left their home and never returned. It is unknown where they went or what they did next for a living. According to the legends, they cursed this place before leaving this prosperous village. The curse was that no one would ever live and settle here in this village ever after. The reason for this could be anything, but, indeed, no one lived there after that. This is where people start thinking this village is a haunted place or not. It also helps keep tourists excited till the time they visit this place.

The truth about Kuldhara Village

It’s tough to believe in something like ghosts. Stories float around that ghosts appear at night, and no one can stay there at night. Gossip of mysterious death also keeps coming up if anyone starts researching into it. Nothing is sure about these ghosts and death stories, but one thing is true no one lived here after Paliwal left. Tourists shouldn’t dismiss or question the relevance of these stories because this will make the visit enjoyable.

Ruins of Kuldhara Village

Driving 20 to 25 Km through the dusty and desert road, you will find the ruins of Kuldhara Village. Story whom you know about the place puts life back in these ruins. The remaining of the village was kept to have a sad feeling about it. Although, anyone could quickly identify the landscape as a place where people lived. The silence of the desert won’t help if you don’t like ghost stories. However, the broken remains of the houses put much more truth to the stories.

Some houses stand as it is and one can explore the places there. Some homes have broken walls and don’t have good vibes to them. If you climb to any of those houses, one can see the entire village. It’s amazing how it looks, and people can identify roads, homes, and the map of the area. It’s pretty disturbing how someone destroyed a prosperous village with evil intentions. There is a temple standing there which tourists can have a look at. As soon as the sunsets, residents of neighboring towns close the area and light the stories of the place being haunted.

Currently, the area is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India as a heritage site. The story of this village and Paliwal’s is valid and can be believed. This place is a haunted spot or not is a mystery and will always remain that way. Some puzzles are not to be solved but are kept that way. These mysteries and ghosts keep interest flowing among tourists and other visitors. If you come to Jaisalmer, you surely need to visit this place once. Book a taxi service in Jaisalmer and take a trip to this mysterious place.