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Gangasagar is one of the most popular destinations to travel for a one day trip from Kolkata. Gangasagar is situated approximately 100 Km away from Kolkata just off the Bengal coast. If you are getting bored of day to day work then Gangasagar touring may be a perfect place to go for. You can hire a cab from Kolkata and it will take approximately 4 hours to reach Gangasagar Island. This small island is under control of the West Bengal government and is maintained beautifully as a pilgrim spot for Hindus. With Bharat Taxi, Kolkata to Gangasagar day trip may be a good option whether for a single day or a multiday.

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For reaching Gangasagar Island you need to get down at Kakdwip and take a ferry to the Island. You can visit this island during winters because you can roam around the place and the sun will be less harsh at you. Although best to visit this place starts in January during Makar Sakranti when Gangasagar Mela starts. This fair attracts the tourists from each corner of India and avails the best pleasing moments. It will be much easier to make a car hire from Kolkata to Gangasagar that will make a ride within a few hours.

Here, you will find a pleasant beach where you can enjoy the time with your family. Kapil Muni Temple is a very important spot for tourists visiting from each part of the country to make a pilgrimage tour. Other than these places, you will find the second-largest Mela after Kumbh Mela. Also, Sagar lighthouse and Naga Sadhus, Sanyasis is the common sight around that area. All these have gorgeous views to make the charm for the arrivals there.

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