The Jagannathpuri Rath Yatra is one of the most important festivals celebrated across India. This religious rath yatra is the center of attraction not only for Indians but also for foreign devotees. The chariot of Jagannath, the incarnation of Shri Krishna, has been considered to be equal to a hundred yajna. Jagannath temple of Puri is the faith center of devotees, where there is a crowd of devotees throughout the year. Which is famous for its exquisite carvings and grandeur. During the Rathotsav, it is unique, where Lord Jagannath gets his birthplace, sister Subhadra, to attract infatuation here.

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The famous food of Odisha is Khicede, Chungdi Malai,  Macha Ghanta, Dalma, Pakhala Bhata, Gupchup, Dahi vada-Aloo dum, Chhena Poda, Rasabali, Kanika, Pilaf, Santula, Chaatu Rai, Aloo Potala Rasa, Kadali Manja Rai, Besara, Khattas and Chutneys, Chakuli Pitha, Kora Khai, Mudhi Mansa, Chaula Bara, Chhena Jhili, Khaja, Gaajja, Palua Ladu and Odisha Rasagolla. The preparation of this ten-day festival is followed by the creation of chariots of Sri Krishna, Balarama, and Subhadra on the Akshaya Tritiya, and some religious rituals are also performed throughout the month. Travel by Bharat Taxi from your door to Jagannath Puri by just booking an outstation cab in Puri.

The Celebration of Jagannathpuri Rath Yatra 

Here is some information about the Jagannathpuri Rath Yatra-

  •  Jagannathji’s chariot is called ‘Garudadhwaj’ or ‘Kapiladhwaj’. The 16-wheeled chariot is 13.5 meters high using red and yellow clothes. Garuda, the carrier of Vishnu, protects it. The flag on the chariot is called ‘Trialokyamohini’.
  •  Balaram’s chariot is recognized as ‘Taladhwaj’, which is of 14 wheels and 13.2 meters high. It is made of 763 pieces of red, green cloth, and wood. The guardian of the chariot is Vasudev and Sarathi Matali. The flag of the chariot is called Unani. Tribra, Ghora, longsharma, and Swarna Nava are its horse. The rope by which the chariot is drawn is called Basuki.
  •  ‘Padmadhwaj’ means the chariot of Subhadra. The 12.9 meters high 12-wheel chariot uses 593 pieces of wood with red, black cloth. The chariot guard is Jayadurga and the charioteer is Arjuna. Rathdhwaj is called Nadambik. Rochik, Mochik, Zita, and Aparajita are its horse. The rope pulling it is called the ‘Swarnachuda’.

Importance of JagannathPuri Rath Yatra

The Puri Yatra is not only famous in India but also among people celebrate around the world. This Rath Yatra is celebrated internationally in Dublin, Moscow, and New York also. It is believed that salvation is attained through cooperation in this rath yatra, so everyone is eager to pull the chariot for a few moments. This Rath Yatra of Jagannath is completed by reaching the Gundicha temple. Jagannath puri is described in Skanda Purana, Narada Purana, Padma Purana, and Brahma Purana.

Jagannath Rath Yatra Puri Images

Every year, in the month of Ashada, Shukla Dwitiya takes a Jagannath Rath Yatra. This is a big ceremony, in which devotees from different parts of India come and participate. The people celebrate this yatra for ten days which is also famous as the name of ‘Gondiya Yatra’.

How To Reach Puri for The Rath Yatra

There are several ways to reach and explore this Rath Yatra but the best and easiest way is to travel by Road. There are lots of benefits of a road trip, during the road trip you can enjoy the beauty of nature by looking outside the car and also you can watch different cultures, different villages, different foods and also experience the different languages of different places. The first thing comes to your mind when you plan for a road trip that, is the road trip affordable?

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