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Tamil Nadu is one of the most beautiful states in southern India. Chennai, being the capital city of Tamil Nadu, attracts lots of tourists from all parts of India. Chennai, which was earlier known as Madras, has lots of tourist attractions within the city. These attractions have various historical monuments, beaches, and many more. For all the tourists, the weekend trip that they love the most is the Chennai-Pombicherry road trip. Driving from Chennai to Pondicherry along the Bay of Bengal Coastline through East Coast Road is a magnificent experience. East Coast Road is also the shortest route to travel, at only 156 km. And it takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes to cover the distance. You can book a taxi service for Chennai to Pondicherry Trip for the best experience with the scenic beauty along the way.

Tips for Chennai-Pombicherry Road Trip:

Chennai to Pondicherry Trip with Bharat Taxi

East Coast Road is one of the most amazing experiences in itself. Travelling from one point to another and having a sea view throughout is very beautiful. And one can rarely experience that in a lifetime. Everybody wants to have a road trip with family and friends, and there is no better route than Chennai-Pondicherry. You will have beautiful scenic beauty to enjoy, and with very little traffic, it’s an additional advantage. The best time to visit this place is during the winter, specifically from October to February. Climate is one of the major factors in experiencing the beauty of the Chennai-Pandicherry road trip. And winter suits it better than any other time. One other factor that is extremely important is hiring a cab service from Chennai to Pondicherry. Because it gives you the time and moments to enjoy them without thinking about anything else.

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Chennai to Pondicherry Trip- Bharat Taxi

During the journey from Chennai to Pondicherry, you can make multiple stops at various points to enjoy amazing places. Some places that you visit on the way to Pondicherry are the French Quarter (France in India), the Sir Aurobindo Ashram, the Botanical Garden, and many more. One important place that is a must-visit during this trip is Mahabalipuram, where you can find a group of monuments and many other things. This place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with ancient temples on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. The artefacts here are very old, and this place shows lots about our history and culture. This place shows you the life of people centuries ago with its architecture and coins (linked to the Romans) excavated from it. Mahabalipuram is a must-visit while you are travelling from Chennai to Pondicherry because it’s a great place for exploring new things.