The place where almost everything originated and took shape is our own nation called India. Our motherland is very unique in her very nature. This peninsular continent which is surrounded by Indian Ocean on the south, Bay of Bengal on the south east part of the country and Arabian Sea on the south west is the home of various things including the precious saffron from the Kashmir, species from south, gold, oils, cotton, tea and many more like things from different part of the country. With its unique landscapes it has the entire climate from summer to monsoon and winter to autumn but in very apt quantity which provides favorable conditions to grow and bloom.

Modern day India is not very much detached from the past, we Indians still believe and respect our mythology and age old religion and do follow the scientific and modern way of living our life. There is a time when the world looks at us like we are someone who still not knows anything about science and technology but now the whole scenario has changed. Today’s in world arena India is among the most reputed Nation and has the ingress in almost every matter and Nation. Today the world has changed their view of judging India to the powerful nation in upcoming era. But, this does not happen in a day it took a lots and lots of time and futuristic approach to reach this position. India, with its highest population of youth, very talented Engineers, Doctors and scientists in her account is ready to face the world and as well as lead the world.

Furthermore India is the only place where the oldest civilization, religion and culture everything emerged and flourished, the land of India is so rich and generous and also has the capacity to accept everything and everyone even they were attackers or assailant like Muhammad Gori, who plunder the temples of India and ruthlessly executed the people who comes in his way, the very fierce Chengaiz Khan who massacred lots of people I order to get the administrative power in his hand and the very famous Mughals who come to India to plunder but attracted to this mighty and benevolent land and decided to rule India.

Much before that Indian history is full of majestic dynasties like Guptas, Cholas, Maurays and many more which supports the growth and development of religions like Buddhism and Jainism. Because of these diversities of empire, India became the place where architecture and culture from all over the world take place. The glory of India lies in the fact that India is known as the Golden Bird which fascinates the world most and also attracts them to discover this land. India has many feathers in her cap like our first Nalanda and Takshashila Universities where students from all over the world come here to study much before world knows anything about it.

These study centers are very reputed which makes our land more interesting to discover that’s why philosophical travelers like Fa Hien and Hsuan-Tsang from China visited here in search of knowledge.

15th August - Independence Day Celebration

But this amazing land falls into the hand of British who came to India as merchants in the reign of Jahangir but unfortunately he found crevice in the Indian politics. The fragmentation in the politics and administrative system galvanize the British merchants to spread their bloody roots in the Indian soil to suck out freedom from Indians. And it happens so quickly and smoothly that it did not let us to have imagined that they would rule us so long remained us slave for almost 300 years. While talking about slavery it is like it happens tomorrow, the slavery cut us so deep that it still feels burning , but it keep us going to became perfect in every zone.

The struggle for freedom has series of incidents in passing year like 1857 war of impendence glorified by the fighting spirit of Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi then uprising of princely states and their revolts then formation of Congress as Safety Valve by the British who made responsible to convey the message of Crown to the people of India and vice versa, Upheaval of Extremists like Bhagat Singh, Chandershekar Azad, Ram Prasad Bishmil and then Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Vipin Chandra Pal and many freedom fighters like them  who are former Congressmen but left the party after the introduction of Simon Commission by the British crown.

It brings great distrust and anger amongst Indians. So Unlike Mahatma Gandhi, who is the great worshipper of Truth and Non Violence and intensely believed that unjust could be thrown only by Non Violence so he initiated movements like Dandi March, Non Cooperation Movement, Civil disobedience movement, Quit India movement to throw away British rule but many extremist who hanged for treason Subhas Chandra Bose decided to challenge British not only by petitions and slogans but by giving the taste of their own medicine like they did at Jalliawala Garden and forceful suppression of peaceful petition against Simon Commission resulted in the death of Bal Gangadhar Tilak, and formed Indian Army. But it is a well known fact that Evil cannot be defeated by Evil so Non Violence, the ethics of Mahatma Gandhi, lead us on the path of our freedom and we became independence on 15th Aug 1947 when Jawaharlal Nehru, our first president hosted the tri color flag, the Tiranga .

It is a saying that, everything comes with a cost, so is the freedom, very unfortunately it comes with the pain of the partition of our country and our country hence divided into India and Pakistan. The pain is still strong in our hearts but sometimes it is misunderstood by many and resulted in the fierce battles like Indo Pak War, Cargill war and many small wars likely to be fought till now. But India is far better than this so instead of engaging herself in this type of activity which resulted in the loss of human life she chose to increase and widened her expertise. The area like Information and Nano Technology, Green Revolution space science in which India has immersed as the pioneers in sending satellites not only for her but for many other nations. In present time world is looking us to lead because we are one who had given zero, theories of Mathematics and Medicines, we are the one with oldest and still living civilization, with written constitutions and population. So be grateful to this land and enjoy freedom which comes with such effort.