With welcome to this “Where This Weekend” offering the destination of sacred city Varanasi. A city of essence which makes you soul pure, holiest place around the globe for Hindus, is called ‘Varanasi’. It is situated on the bank of river Ganges and 300 km from its state capital. The tourist from all over the world come to Varanasi for having in-depth experience of Hindu culture and historical pleasure. Generally called as the “City of Ghats & Temples”, “Kashi Nagari” and “Banaras”; Varanasi is the hub city for foreigners and country pilgrims from each corner. You can’t ignore the business reasons in Varanasi, there are various corporate attractions in this city. At ‘Where This Weekend’, Banaras can make available the splendid pleasure this week.

Where This Weekend in Varanasi?

Local taxi in Varanasi:

Where This Weekend @ Varanasi

If you are in Varanasi for the tour, Bharat Taxi will take you to every corner of the city. Taxi service in Varanasi is really important because it is a city with too many tourist spots to visit in a day. Cabs in Varanasi are really cheap in comparison to other tourist spots. You can travel around and visit numerous temples, ghats, pleasure points. This city shows you glorious past of India and its culture and makes it the most visited sacred place not only in India all over the world. Naming few places in Varanasi which you can visit, will be Sarnath, New Vishwanath Temple, Dhamek Stupa, Ashoka Pillar, Ganga river, Banaras Ghat etc.

Outstation taxi in Varanasi:

Where This Weekend outer Varanasi

During the local Varanasi, if planning to outstation spots, you can get the penalty of fabulous points. In these gorgeous outer sites, there are Varanasi to Allahabad, Varanasi to Agra, Varanasi to Lucknow, Varanasi to Delhi, Varanasi to Kanpur, Varanasi to Patna, Varanasi to Nepal and much more. For all these places, there are many outstation taxi services in Varanasi working 24 hours that can fully support you. Whether for solo traveling or for a group tour, you will joy with great pleasure by Varanasi car rentals. And also you can make this ”Where This Weekend’ much pleasant during the touring of this city. 

Corporate Cars & Varanasi Airport Taxi:

Where This Weekend @ Varanasi

In ‘ Where This Weekend ’, you will get good opportunities for corporate in Varanasi besides of the local & outstation tours. You can call for corporate cars and airport taxi in Varanasi also for business reasons. There is Babatpur Airport in Varanasi that carries the arrivals from all over the world and with airport taxi in Varanasi, it avails much easiness to ride for the entire city and outer also. At the basis of the business reasons, Varanasi also offers the luxury cars, AC Cars and corporate cabs for any meeting or other business purposes. Varanasi has the great availability of the Varanasi Sarees business and much other export–import that attracts the businessmen from everywhere. And in local & outer Bharat Taxi will avail the full assistance to transfer from one place to another.