Finding an inexpensive car rental service is never an easy task. Copious travel agents and rental companies are standing out there with their cheapest car rental flags. In major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai taxi service are easily available at any time. Thanks to the widely spreading internet hiring a cab that has become a cakewalk. But as with all good things also come the bad ones.

Today, the internet is also crowded with fake websites. They often charge quite high rates from the customers in the form of insurance and maintenance costs. The capital question is how to find out that one company that suits both your needs and budget. Hiring a car is so easy and convenient. But generally, the customers fall for the advertisements and discounts displayed by car rental firms. We would help to determine the frequent travelers to find the cheap cab booking services.

Things to consider while hiring the car rental service: –

Identifying your need:

You can start by identifying your need which can be done by answering why exactly you need to hire a cab. Though there may be lots of reasons for online cab hiring, you need to be specific about your needs. Whether you need for local or outstation travel, the number of co-travelers or colleagues or family you are traveling with. And of course what exactly is your budget.

Choosing the right cars:

After the need identification, come to the second step to hire a car that can fulfill your needs. The vehicle you are intending to hire may be different based on the occasions. While going for a family weekend a large vehicle is needed. On the other hand, an exotic car would be best for attending a professional event. While searching for car rental services, don’t forget to look out for the availability of cars.

The charge of the taxi hiring varies from the type of car. Economy or small car like Indigo ECS, Dzire, may cost less whereas Sedan class cars like Tata Manza, Honda Civic would be best suitable for travelers who can afford a slightly costly car and then there are premium and luxury cars like the BMW, Mercedes, and Audi preferred by the corporate sector and high-end businessman and celebrities who want to get their arrival noticed by all.

Price Comparison:

The third step is to compare the online car rentals cost of the cars you have selected. As lots of car rental firms have their own websites you can easily compare the price by visiting their websites. Visiting the websites of different companies has other perks too. In order to retain their customers or to make new ones, these companies provide various deals and discount, offers for a specific period. If you are lucky enough, then there will be a chance to get a discount for cab booking. But beware of companies who offer super high or super low rates as compared to the prevailing market rate. These are the fake ones and immediately drop these companies out of the list.

Look Out for extra charges:

The price of the rental cab for a particular destination that displays on the website is never the final price. And also about a specific car. The stated price does not include the driver’s allowance, service tax, insurance charges, other miscellaneous taxes, etc. To finalize your car rental service for outstation travel or local after having compared all these charges.


Cab booking on the weekend generally costs higher than hiring a taxi in weekdays.  Moreover, the period for which you are hiring a cab also a vital factor which influences the charge of taxi hiring. For example, the cost of a cab booking for the long term is proportionately low as compared to the short term.