Kolkata is the historical city as well the pleasure city. It has the gorgeous attraction to make the charm for the arrivals in the city. Whether you are looking for pleasure spots, historical places or religious sites; you can make your travel easier. This city is also famous as the city of Joy and you can enjoy each moment of your journey here. Several monuments of British era may be one of the major attractions here in the city. During your holiday’s tour, you can find here your best tourist places in Kolkata for one day tour. Whether with family or friends, you can get full pleasing moments here in the city.

Tourist Places in Kolkata for One Day Tour: –

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Whenever traveling here, it may be one of the best places with different culture & tradition. The local lifestyle may be interesting while exploring the city alone or with your family. While with family, you should also look here for colorful silk & cotton Sarees. All the activities can be much enjoyable while riding with a local taxi in Kolkata. For one day tour, you can read here about some most famous tourist places in Kolkata city.

Museum: Victoria Memorial Hall: –

Victoria Memorial Hall would be same like in Kolkata as Taj Mahal in India. You can find here greenery around with the best natural location. With the historical effect, it is making the various historical things to watch. And it is perfect for family & couples both. You can take the assistance of car rental service in Kolkata for riding around.

Howrah Bridge: –

Howrah is the other attraction while here in the city. It avails the great pleasure views as well as architectural style. With the exotic & iconic sightseeing, this beautiful bridge would be the outstanding charm if you are in the city. You can find many traveling sources for arriving here or riding from here. You can also take the help of online car booking in Kolkata to travel the entire city.

Places to Visit in Kolkata

Park Street for City Beauty Views: –

Park Street is the heart of Kolkata city that makes the available combination of old-world affinity. If you are one of the fun-loving people, it may be one of the best scenic moments for you. The shopping & eating also may be one of the most favorites.

Science City Kolkata: –

For the family tour, picnic or friends group; Science City is one of the major attractions here in the city. With the 3D show and various others, it is very knowledgeable for all age group. You will find here many attractions related to science which may be most interesting things.

Religious Temples: –

In the matter of religious places, Kolkata offers multifarious spots that may be the very good experience. You can visit Birla Temple, Dakshineswar Kali Temple and lots of others to see here if you are visiting local Kolkata.

Besides of all these, you can book a taxi in Kolkata and ride for the Eden Gardens, College Street, Quest Mall, Shaheed Minar and lots of more to explore. Also, there are various nearby spots to see easily if you are in a car rental Kolkata. Also, many buses, trains, and others local sources can assist you very well.