In Agra, Taj Mahal is the gorgeous point in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is the most famous destination which makes the hub of attraction for tourists. The UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) has owned it mentioning in the list of the World Heritage Sites of India in 1983. And also has the award for the seven wonders of the world that make it amazing. As the historical site, Taj Mahal reminds the fabulous architectural designs of Mughal age. And also shows the enormous beauty in the city of Agra. Whether for pleasure or historical desires, You can visit here and get the full joy with its locations riding a taxi in Agra.

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Especially, the beauty of Taj Mahal is throwing the memory of Begam Mumtaj Mahal who was the wife of Shah Jahan. The most beautiful and beloved to the Mughal Emperor, Mumtaj Mahal become the inspiration in the construction of Taj Mahal. It is the grave of the Begam Mumtaz Mahal to which Emperor Shah Jahan constructed. It is taken the time of 10 years and estimated the cost of 32 million rupees. If counting on the basis of present time, it may be approximately 53 billion rupees. That time, the Taj Mahal was the greatest monument constructed by the Emperor Shah Jahan. In that age, almost 20,000 artisans worked with the great effort and complete this historical monument.

In the building, the tomb is the major reason of charm and make the attraction for the travelers. The white marbles of this monument have gorgeousness of beauty and are everlasting. The Taj Mahal has the basic design of the Persian architecture that makes most charming internal and external both. It is offering its location at the south bank of the river Yamuna making the glorious views. With the garden and outlying buildings, Taj Mahal is availing the fabulous sightseeing with natural beauty. Whether for solo travel or with your family, you can get the amazing joy of pleasure at this location. And with any taxi in Agra, you can jollify the entire city of Agra also.

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On the other hand, Situated in the main city of Agra, Taj Mahal avails all the travel modalities for arrivals who arriving at Taj Mahal. Whether for car rentals, airways or railways; there are all these easily available 24 hours. You can also make your tour for other local points and nearby destinations that make the charm. Only at the distance of 10 km from the airport of Agra and also 10 km from the railway station of Agra Cantt, you can easily book a taxi in Agra. Hiring a taxi for airport transfer & railway transfer may be the best option on the affordable prices. For the Taj Mahal tour, there are online cab booking services that can be booked by only double clicking of the Internet.