In the Himalayas, Nathula Pass (Nathu La Pass) is the mountain pass that offers the gorgeous natural beauty for arrivals. It gives a connection with Sikkim and Tibet (China) and outgrowth path of the pristine Silk Route. This Mountain Pass was the major route for the trade in ancient and covered Europe, Persia, India, China, Arabia, Somalia, and Egypt. Nowadays, it is the major attraction for the tourists from all over the country and the world also. It has the great views for the natural activities and offers fabulous views. But while planning for visiting there, you will have to face some problems about the Nathula Pass permit & rules.

Nathula Pass Permissions: –

On the way to Nathula Pass, there are the problems with the car rentals or other outer cabs. There is no so more permission to rich Nathula Pass with all types of cabs. You can use Maruti Gypsies, Jeeps, Commander Vehicles, and Sumos but not use Maruti Vans. You can only visit with the local cabs in Gangtok which are registered in Sikkim and working there for local tourists. Although, You can book a local vehicle there for jollifying at the pass or nearby in the Nathula Pass. Maruti Van Local Taxi makes the travel easy and offers the services on affordable and fixed prices.

Bharat Taxi Sikkim

Terms & Conditions: –

For the arrivals here, there are the some most strict areas where no one can take a visit easily. You need to permission because of border areas. Vehicles and Agents are not permitted if they are not affiliated with Travel Agents’ Association of Sikkim (TAAS). They are totally prohibited from the government of Sikkim. If a taxi is not registered in Sikkim, it can not carry the visitors for local sightseeing. So, if any time hiring a taxi or taking any vehicle on rent, it needs to confirm. It is also must to know that if riding in the local taxi, there will be maximum 10 passengers in Jeep/Sumo/Commander.

Bharat Taxi Sikkim

If riding by the Maruti Vans, they can carry only four passengers in one time. But while making a tour of the state, you can visit by any car rental service in India. You can book a taxi for local and outer of the city and get enjoy the whole destinations of the state. If visiting from out of the state, you can book online cabs and outstation taxi for Sikkim and Nathula Pass also. At the basis of the permission for cabs in Nathula Pass, it may be the best things to know and help you to get the best services & pleasure also. Now, you can book cabs for Nathula Pass and visit their local sights with local taxis.