While traveling in Kolkata and visiting with taxi services Kolkata, it may be most pleasant to get exultant moments. Because of the multifarious gorgeous places and historical specialties, this beautiful city is offering the best activities to explore. And has various natural points also to make a family tour or solo travel. For touring all these, Kolkata taxi services are working with their best efforts 24×7 hours. But on these all way while one makes a booking, he has to face lots of confusions about the taxi services for local or outstation. In these confusions, here we’ll point out some most important things that lay off your doubts about taxi services Kolkata.

Lay Off Your Doubts about Taxi Services Kolkata: –

During the Kolkata travel when making mind for a taxi, you would get there three types of taxi services – local taxi, outstation taxi and transfer taxi. You will get also the different fare for all these as the basis of one way or round trip. There are all about the all of those taxi services: –Lay Off Your Doubts about Taxi Services Kolkata - Bharat Taxi Blog

Local Taxi Kolkata: –

You can book a local taxi Kolkata while you are looking for a local visit. If visiting for city tour or any single sight visit within the city, the local taxi can assist very well. It may be on the basis of 8 hours / 80 KM or 4 hours / 40 KM with different local fares at the basis of cab type.

Outstation Taxi Kolkata: –

Outstation taxi makes help while looking for a long tour approximately in the range of 50 Km or more. This time, you can make hire an outstation car rental Kolkata for your outer trip. It may be at the basis of per KM or in a package according to your destination.

Lay Off Your Doubts about Taxi Services Kolkata - Bharat Taxi Blog

Transfer Taxi Services for Local Kolkata or Outer: –

Same like local taxi or outstation taxi, you can also take a taxi on rent for your transfer. It would also depend on your transfer type. Especially, it would be at one way basis but your fare may be at the basis of round trip in some cases. If your trip is long then you can take the help of outstation taxi Kolkata if do not get the one-way transfer taxi. In some cases, you will get very less taxi for long transfers. Or if getting then it would be at high prices.

After all that, must check the extra tax that would be charged on the way or after the trip. In extra charges, it may be toll tax, parking, driver night or any other more.