Kedarnath is a small town in Uttarakhand state. And has religious importance because of being home to one of the 12 jyotirlingas the sacred abode of Lord Shiva. Kedarnath Jyotirlinga comes under the jurisdiction of Rudraprayag district. This jyotirlinga has a location on the Kedar Mountain. And surrounded with the snowy white surroundings of the Himalayan range at a height of 3658 meters. Kedarnath is also the origin of the mighty river Mandakini which later joins the ginormous Alakhnanda River at Rudraprayag. Owing to its magnificent height and heavy snowfall, the temple remains close from October to March. From July to August is the peak season when this town receives a million tourists from all over the country as well as from abroad.

Historical Overview of Kedarnath Jyotirlinga:

According to the popular myth concerning Kedareswara jyotirlinga is that Sati, the better half of Lord Shiva prayed for a while here to merge herself with Shiva. And reincarnate as Ardhanareeshwar (Half Male and Half Female) propagating the phenomenon of equality. Yet another legend is related to the Mahabharata. According to it, Arjuna (hawk-eye of that period) is believed to have obtained the deadliest divine weapon from Lord Shiva.

How to reach?

Although the temple remains close for almost six months due to the heavy rainfall and snowfall. This jyotirlinga receives the maximum number of visitors after Baba Baidyanath Deoghar, Kashi Vishwanath Varanasi, and Mahakal Madhya Pradesh. The best and efficient way to get through this fair is to avail of a car rental service. You can hire a car for Kedarnath in and around the city and if you do a little deep search you may also find some of the companies which ensure to and fro visit to the temple.

Nearby Cities:

Kedareswar jyotirlinga is approximately 241 kilometers away from Haridwar. And 213 kilometers north of Rishikesh and is accessible by cars as well as on foot. Dehradun is 109 kilometers away and Chamoli is 68 kilometers away from this jyotirlinga. You can hire a car rental service from Haridwar to Rudraprayag and various other cities to enjoy your trip from Haridwar or Rishikesh.