Delhi, the central city and capital of India, is the major tourist attraction in the country. Multiple of glorious destinations are making the major attraction for the arrivals from each corner. For pleasure, religious and historical reasons; you will get here lots of places that could touch your heart. It proofs perfectly for all whether they are younger or elders means it is the best destination for family tour & picnic both. Also, it may be one of the favourite destinations while looking for the honeymoon reasons.

Excursion of Historical Places in Delhi as well as Religious Points with Car Hiring: –

During historical places views, Delhi offers multifarious spots which proof perfect to get joy. With the powerful historical background, this beautiful city is the attestor of the most powerful emperors in the Indian history. In this city, the Pandavas used to live and it was called that time the “Indraprastha”. Also, it has seen the empire of Khiljis, Tughlaqs and Mughals who were in the most powerful emperors. During 1803 AD, Delhi came under the British rule and the British Government eliminate their capital to Delhi from Kolkata. It was the year of 1911 AD when it has again become a major hub for governance after becoming capital city.

Bharat Taxi Delhi historical places

All these historical effects can be seen with the help of the historical monuments here which are making the major charm for the arrivals. And for an excursion of historical places in Delhi, you can get the various travelling sources in local to get joy. Whether you are with your family or group touring, you can make hiring a taxi for local in Delhi as well as the outstation taxi services. Due to the capital city, there are 24 hours car rental services which are making the pleasure tour & business travel easy. You will have to just need to the double click of Internet and you will get the cab service at your required location at right time. After historical reasons, it has also the great attraction for the religious monuments as well as historical. Lots of historical monuments also call for the religious reasons. 

In the historical places, there are multiple of spots with the local points & nearby places in Delhi. But from all those, there some most interesting which would make the tour most interesting. Let’s see about the most interesting historical places in Delhi.

Top Places to Visit Delhi for Historical Reasons: –

1- India Gate                                                                                        2- Humayun’s Tomb

3- Tughlakabad Fort                                                                            4- Qutub Minar

5- Agrasen ki Baoli                                                                               6- Sikandar Lodi Tomb

7- Safdarjung Tomb                                                                              8- Diwan-i-Khas

9- Char Minar                                                                                       10- Jahaz Mahal

11- Mutiny Memorial                                                                             12- Lal Gumbad

13- Mumtaz Mahal                                                                                14- Bara Gumbad

15- Red Fort, Lahori Gate                                                                     16- Jantar Mantar

17- Adam Khan’s Tomb                                                                         18- Bhool Bhulaiya