The fete of Diwali (Deepavali or Diwali) in India is celebrated with the great avidity. As the religious fiesta, people celebrate in all over country and world wherever the people from India are living. Diwali is the festival of lights (Diyas) and the men&children decorate the home, shops, temples, and other places with the queue of Diyas. And to celebrate with the different glorious places during this festival, there are various car rentals in India to help. With the best scenic views, many destinations are here which become the major charm throughout this fete.

At the basis of mythological stories, it is solemnized in the memory of Lord Ram arrival in Ayodhya. It was the age of Ramayana when a campaign fight by Ram&Ravan and after victory Ram return to Ayodhya. That time the people of Ayodhya observe it liting Diyas and from Sri Lanka victory.

The famous places which are especially known for Diwali: –

Varanasi- Decoration of Ganga Ghats: – 

In this religious city, Diwali brings a new enthusiasm for the people and they celebrate it from Diwali to Dev Deepawali (15 days after Diwali). As the Ganga Mahotsav, these days people lit the Diyaas and decorate the Ganga banks per day. It makes this festive month more special and makes the charm for arrivals. Taxi services in Varanasi help the tourists and the local people to visit different ghats&temples.

Kolkata- Kaali & Laxmi Puja with Diwali: – 

On Diwali, Kali Puja and Laxmi Puja make this fiesta unique. Kolkata celebrates it in its own style and worship to Goddess Lakshmi after observing the whole day fast. The previous day of Diwali Kali Puja held same like.This day, people decorate their home with flowers and the leaves of Ashok, Mango or Banana. And in the evening, worship Goddess Laxmi and lit Diyaas and also decorate home with different types of lights. With different cab services in Varanasi, you can ramble the entire city.

Jaipur- Celebration with earthen Diyas and decoration: – 

Whether it is Jal Mahal, Birla Mandir or other places of the city; all look more attractive today. As the simple and best festive city, it is most famous for thousands of different types of earthen Diyaas and its decoration. You can find here the amazing sights of Diwali which make the most tremendous to it today. Rent a car in Jaipur and visit the entire city easily also out of the city this day.

Maharashtra- With Laxmi Puja and Dhanteras: – 

The special thing about Maharashtra is this that this day is a part of starting new year according to Marathi Calendar. As Vasu-Baras (Marathi New Year) before two days of Diwali, this celebration starts the people celebrate it with great zeal same like the new year. People decorate their home with different types of Diyaas and decorative things. And on Diwali after Dhanteras the previous day, they worship also Goddess Laxmi and burn crackers.

Tamil Nadu- Begins with Asweyuja Bahula: –

Same like other state but something different and celebrated one day before of North India. And called as Naraka Chaturdashi. It is known for Lord Krishna & Satyabhama victory over Narakasur. This day, The citizen of this state garnish their home and shops with the different style and burst crackers. All the corner of the state looks more beautiful and attractive. You can easily book a car in Tamil Nadu and visit the entire city and gorgeous places also.