Cab booking for the first time in India can be damn confusing and agitating. As the car rental sector is full of such smoothies who tend to encircle the travelers with luring rental packages. But with proper insight and guidelines, anyone can avail of this great facility and that also in the cheapest possible price being provided by an online car rental firm.
This article is an endeavor for the same and is the result of long experience of cheap cab booking in India and corporate taxi hire.

What includes in the Cab Booking Costs?

The basic and first step is to know about the pricing policy of car rental companies. When you make a rental car booking charges according to the packages. In India, 40 km/4 hours or 80 kms/8 hours’ packages are prevalent among the local travelers and day-trippers. The final cost of cab booking is the sum of total kilometers multiplied by the mileage per kilometer excluding toll taxes, parking charges, and driver’s allowance.

Crossing these pre-stated limits may result in an increase in the overall cost. Other charges that make up the final cost include insurance charges, security deposits (in the case of self-driven cars) driver’s allowance, fuel to fuel policy, toll tax, parking charges, etc. Some companies also offer car on rent on a daily basis or on a weekly basis. It is always advisable to return the car within the stipulated period in order to avoid extra charges.

The price of cab booking in India also depends on the city in which you intend to book a cab. Online taxi services in hyper tourist destinations are easily available but at a higher cost in comparison to the small cities. The location also plays an important role in determining the price. It might be possible that the price of the same car is different at the airport and the city center. Before you rent a car firstly need analysis is important.

A businessman wants to travel hassle-free drive whereas an adventurer generally prefers self-driven cars. After having analyzed the need, the next step comprises the selection of vehicles. Online car rentals offer a wide range of cars which include economy vehicle, sedan, hatchback, luxury, SUV, or compact cars. The variance of the cost is also based on the type of vehicle you have chosen to book.

Final terms for cab booking: –

The minute you receive the car on your doorstep, go for a through the scan and check for any small or large scratches, damages, and paint-offs. Though it seems childish as soon as you receive the car, turn on the ignition and left it as it is for some time. This may allow you to ensure that the car is running well and no ghosts are screaming from the engine side. Generally, people only care for the marks and scratches and avoid the performance of the hired car.

Generally, people only care for the marks and scratches and avoid the performance of the hired car. Moreover, you can also check for air conditioning and door locks and window glass and other small features of the car. The adjusting headlight of the car prior to leaving will save you from the endless battle from the switch of lights.

Also, check if the wipers are working properly. Before the sun sets also find out the functionality of turning the lights off and on and its upper and dipper functions. Check the brakes of the car properly. It is the last thing you expect to happen in your hired car. Also checking the emergency brakes is a good idea.