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Amritsar Car Rentals

For the followers and devotees of Sikhism in India, Amritsar is the center of all its activity. Golden temple is the most prized possession of the Sikh community as a whole. Harimandir Shaib complex in the city makes it the principal holy city of the Sikhs. The fourth guru of the Sikhs, Ram Das ordered building a sacred pool or pool of nectar from which the name Amritsar was derived. Amritsar is home to the people of the Sikhs community and other Sikhs from all around the globe visit this city at least once. Historians in India love this place as the city has recorded the greatest and saddest part of our country. Some gloomy parts of this history consist of activities like Jallianwala Bagh massacre, Operation Blue Start which is there to be forgotten. Tourist also enjoys a trip to Wagah border and enjoys the ceremony presented there. And for all this, Bharat Taxi may be a good place to rent a car with a driver.

Pilgrim for Sikhs, magics for historians and paradise for nature lovers this city has everything. Amritsar is the city that has everything in and around itself and is a must-visit.  It’s the largest and the most important city in the state of Punjab. Car rental service in Amritsar is very important for tourists traveling from locally or out of the city. Car rental may the most affordable and convenient mode of transportation in the city. Bharat Taxi provides car hire for travelers who are traveling within a city for sightseeing or work for a long duration within the city limits. Book your car rental in Amritsar to use as a point to point or local usage as per your requirement.

Why Choose Online Car Rental in Amritsar from Bharat Taxi

Because of the leading online car rental service provider in Amritsar, you can easily choose Bharat Taxi for the local or nearby trips. Tourists can also visit Jallianwala Bagh as the memorial garden, it’s a beautiful place to visit now and take a glimpse of what might have happened. Travelers can book a taxi in Amritsar to visit all this and exploring even more. Cab drivers provided by us can act as a guide and recommend places for a visit. Car rental in Amritsar is now easy as we provide many car rental packages to fulfill the needs of the traveler as per their requirement at cheap and affordable rates which suits the need of every traveler. Some of our car rental packages for Amritsar which are mostly booked are as follows:-

6 Hours/60 Kilometer Amritsar Car Rental: -

With this package, you can travel for 6 Hours and 60 kilometers means those travelers having the requirement of the car booking for 6 Hours or 60 Kilometer in Amritsar can book this package. And enjoy their journey with cheap and affordable taxi fare rates in & from Amritsar. We offer flexibility in the package as no one knows whether their requirement will increase or decrease. So, you can rent a car in Amritsar with a driver for more than Sixty kilometers or Six hours at the affordable extra fare and make your trip full of pleasure.

8Hours/80 Kilometer Amritsar Car Booking: -

This package is for 8 Hours and 80 kilometers means those travelers having the requirement of the cab for 8 Hours or 80 Kilometer can book this package in Amritsar. With this car hire service, it would be easy to explore your favorite spots in Amritsar. Flexibility in the car package is allowed as no one knows their requirement will increase or decrease. So, you can rent this car hire in Amritsar with driver for more than Eighty kilometers or Eight hours at the affordable extra price and enjoy your journey whether traveling alone or with your family.

12Hours/120 Kilometer Amritsar Car Hire: -

The package is for 12 Hour and 120 kilometers means those who have a requirement of hire for 12 Hours or 120 Kilometer can book this package for Amritsar. We provide flexibility in the package as known as their requirement will increase or decrease so you can hire this car booking in Amritsar for more than 120 Km or 12 hours at the providing some extra penny. It will help you to explore your favorite places for the full day without any hassle and with well-experienced drivers who fully support in your local itinerary.