Alwar is one of the most important cities in Rajasthan and is just 160 Km away from its capital Jaipur. Alwar comes under the NCR region and is just 150 Km away from New Delhi. Although Alwar is not so famous among tourists in India, it’s gaining more popularity with time passing by. This city is an important center for tourism in Rajasthan, with forts, lakes, and nature reserves at the display. Alwar tourism has increased in past years, and a trip to Alwar won’t be disappointing for sure. You can book a cab service in Alwar for the local tour.

Top 5 Local Attractions During Trip to Alwar: –

Bhangarh Fort

Trip to Alwar- Bhangarh Fort- Bharat Taxi AlwarThis fort is often referred to as the most haunted place in India. The fort was built in 1573 AD by Man Singh. When you get inside the fort, you will find temples and allies that will tell you a lot about that time. You are not allowed inside after sunset because it is haunted and dangerous to be there. After reaching Bhangarh fort, you will hear many stories about the defense, which may or may not be accurate. Bhangarh Fort is a must-visit on your trip to Alwar. You can book a taxi service in Alwar to visit Bhangarh Fort, which is readily available.

Sariska Tiger Reserve

Trip to Alwar- Sarika Tiger Reserve- Bharat Taxi AlwarA trip to Alwar is incomplete without visiting Sariska Tiger Reserve. This place was once preserved for hunting and recreation purpose of Maharajas of Alwar. Consequently, this area was declared a wildlife reserve in 1955 and was renamed Tiger Reserve in 1978. Sariska Tiger Reserve is famous for relocating tigers from Ranthambore successfully and reserving the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers. Sariska is spread over 800 sq. km and lies comfortably by the Aravali hills. Similarly, this place is unique with different topography, including grasslands, cliffs, and dry forests. You can book Alwar cabs to travel to Sariska Tiger Reserve and enjoy your day.

Siliserh Lake

Trip to Alwar- Siliserh Lake- Bharat Taxi AlwarSiliserh Lake is one place which attracts most visitors from all around the city. This is one place where you can come and relax and do other activities such as boating, fishing and many more. This lake is spread over seven sq. Km is a popular visiting spot on your trip to Alwar. Here, you can spot different birds, tortoises, and alligators. Moreover, you will find this place clean and garbage-free which makes you like this place even more.

Bala Quila

Trip to Alwar- Bala Quila- Bharat Taxi AlwarBala Quila is also known as the Alwar Fort and is situated at 1000 feet. On your trip to Alwar, this is one place that can give you a scenic and spectacular view of Alwar city. This is a fort of enormous size built by Hasan Khan Mewati and has been ruled by many. Many dynasties such as Mughals, Pathans, and Jats have ruled through this fort. You can book a car rental in Alwar to visit this beautiful fort.    

City Palace

First of all, this is the most beautiful structure in the city’s center. City Palace will be your top priority as a tourist on your trip to Alwar. Likewise, this tourist destination is highly visited by the tourist and the locals. City Palace is also known as Vinay Vilas Mahal and was built at the end of the 17th century. Currently, the City Palace is transformed into a museum with many treasures like armor, furniture, manuscripts, and many more. You can visit this beautiful museum on a local day tour of Alwar city.