Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest states in India in terms of area and population. Uttar Pradesh has developed at a faster rate than never before in the last few decades. With Lucknow as its capital and other major cities like Varanasi, Agra, Allahabad the state of Uttar Pradesh as developed in all spectrums. And this way, tourist places in Uttar Pradesh have also found good progress these days. With big business and corporate coming in, it is very important to have a reliable source in the taxi industry for the best cab in Uttar Pradesh.

The state of Uttar Pradesh has always attracted people from different religions and various parts of the country for a visit. Some places like Naimisharanya, Ayodhya are the great religious spot for Hindus and Agra which is showcases the glorious rule of the Mughal Empire. Millions of tourists come in and travel to different parts with taxi service in Uttar Pradesh. Being in this part of the country gives you a totally different taste and view of life. You can visit Uttar Pradesh whenever you want.

Major Tourist Places in Uttar Pradesh

1- Lucknow

In the tourist places in Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow has a major role. Famously known as the city of Nawabs and Tehzeeb, Lucknow has always attracted tourists to show its culture and beauty. The city also is known as the Awadh region lies on the bank of river Gomti. If you are in Lucknow then you can visit many important historical places like Bara Imambara and the British Residency. Lucknow has also transformed itself into a modern tourist place with the place like Ambedkar Park, Gomti River Front, Hazratganj and many more. You can visit all these places with cab service in Lucknow and you will get full pleasing moments.

The tourist who wants to visit Uttar Pradesh initially comes to Lucknow because of its connectivity to another part of the county with flights and railway. Lucknow is a great place to visit for a day or two and its connectivity to other parts of the state is also very good like Lucknow-Agra expressway which makes you cover 350 Km in 4 Hours. You can also plan a trip to Agra booking taxi service in Lucknow.

One other place which you can visit in Naimisharanya which is hardly 100 Km and that place has mentioned in Mahabharata. Naimisharanya is a great historical place and is of high importance to Hindus.

2- Varanasi

Also known as Kashi, Varanasi is considered as the holiest and religious place for Hindus around the globe. And it has also a key role in tourist places in Uttar Pradesh. When you will reach Varanasi you will at once understand why it is among one of the oldest cities. You will find old buildings and structures, a very narrow lane, and the whole appearance of the city. It is really pleasing to be in that part of the world away for tall glass building and a nice built road. You can book a car rental in Varanasi for a tour. And it will provide you with a different perspective on life.

Varanasi is a must-visit for everyone, not just Hindus, it a beautiful place and teaches you a lot about life.

People believe that Ganga in Varanasi has the power to wash your sins. And if you die in the Holy city you will be freed from the cycle of rebirth. There are many temples and religious places in the city but evening Ganga aarti is the top tourist attraction. You can book cabs in Varanasi for a day tour around the city and visit many places.

3- Allahabad

If talking about tourist places in Uttar Pradesh, you can never ignore the city of Allahabad. The city of Allahabad is just 120 Km away from the holy city of Varanasi and holds equal importance for Hindus around the globe. Allahabad is popular all around India for ‘Triveni Sangam’ and many people come every day for a visit to this beautiful place. Triveni Sangam is a place where three holy rivers meet together; those three rivers are Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati. These rivers can be distinguished easily and tourist takes bath here to have the pure soul. You can also go for a boat ride which is very beautiful and pleasing in Triveni Sangam. You can visit Sangam whenever you want a booking taxi in Allahabad.

Allahabad also hosts the largest religious gathering around the globe. It is believed 120 million people visited Kumbh Mela in 2013. Kumbh Mela is celebrated every 12 years and is also recognized by UNESCO. Kumbh Mela is the largest and also the most peaceful religious gathering. Hindus from all around the globe come here to wash off their sins in Triveni Sangam on this holy day.

Allahabad also has many temples and historical places as the tourist spot. You can also take a city tour with a cab booking in Allahabad.

4- Agra

This historical place is another one of the best tourist places in Uttar Pradesh. The city of Agra is blessed with the world’s most beautiful structure called ‘Taj Mahal’. India is famous all around the globe for this magnificent monument.  Agra is situated on the bank of river Yamuna and was also named as the capital city by Sikandar Lodhi. The city of Agra served as capital under many Mughal emperors.

Agra is also part of the famous ‘Golden Triangle’ because of its historical importance in India. Agra is just 200 Km from the capital of India Delhi. You can also travel to Jaipur including which it forms the golden triangle and is at a distance of just 250 Km. Golden triangles in very famous among international tourists for traveling in India.

If you are in Agra you can visit many historical places such as Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Jehangir Palace, Sheesh Mahal and many more. Agra attracts most international tourists in India and enjoys the people of Agra. If you are in Agra you can enjoy some Mughlai Cuisine, shopping at Kinari Bazar. And you can also take back Agra ka Petha and lots of others. Touring around the city can be really easy with a taxi service in Agra.

Agra is a beautiful city with lots of places other than the historical structure to cover around the city locally like famous restaurants, local shopping, wildlife, gardens and many more. You can book a taxi service in Agra for local sight seen and shopping.

5- Mathura

Mathura is another very famous religious place for Hindus and is of utmost significance for Hinduism. During your surfing about tourist places in Uttar Pradesh, it may be one of the best spots. The city of Mathura is also famous as Krishna Janmasthan who is one of the most worshiped deities in Hinduism. Everything in Mathura and Vrindavan is about Lord Krishna, tourists visit this city to enjoy Lord Krishna’s childhood memories and his Raas Lila. This city brings in you the sense of spirituality, this city brings in tourist in millions from all around the globe.

The best time to visit the city is Holi and Krishna Janmashtami. Because these two festivals are the major celebration with the greatest joy and enthusiasm. Janmashtami is the time of celebration when Lord Krishna was born. And Holi is now renowned all around the globe as the festival of colors and joy.

When you visit Mathura you will find many temples small and big and most of the temples are devoted to Lord Krishna. You can also visit other places like Vrindavan, Govardhan, Varsana with the car rental in Mathura.

You can visit every corner and temple of this spiritual city of Mathura with taxi service in the city which is very efficient and professional.

The state of Uttar Pradesh in itself presents you with a vast range of religious diversity and significance. It shows you the importance of every religion and how to live in harmony and peace. You will find people of different status and richness. Visiting the state of Uttar Pradesh will be one of the best experiences of your life.