While visiting in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand, Ranchi makes the great reason of attraction for local&nearby places. It is one of the popular points which have lots of gorgeous destinations. Either rambling for local or outstation, Ranchi offers many fabulous views of natural places. Taxi in Ranchi plays the major role while plans for its glorious and prominent points. It proofs itself perfect visiting place for the tours, honeymoon, and pleasure.

Places that make the reason to hire a taxi in Ranchi: –

In Ranchi, there are lots of places which draw towards millions of tourists per year. The most arrivals make it world famous&prosperous and due to nearer of West Bengal and Orissa state. There are the fabulous destinations of Ranchi that make it mesmerizing: –

Ranchi Hill and Pahari Mandir: –

The Temple is famous for Lord Shiva and situated in the heart of the city. It is famous for religious purposes as well as for the Patriots. On the occasion of Maha Shivaratri, this holy place collects the huge crowd in its fair. From the railway station, it is approximately 8 km as well as the airport 12 km. From where you can take the help either for railway transfer cabs in Ranchi or airport transfer cab services.

Rock Garden: –

After Jaipur Garden, it is the most famous garden in Jharkhand. For making it, the carved rocks of Gonda hills are used and building with them many gorgeous statues increasing its beauty. For one-day outing spots, picnic and pleasure purposes; it may be the best place to visit. Situated at the distance of 9 km from Ranchi railway station and 12 km from Ranchi airport, it has lots of taxi service in Ranchi that offers their best services.

Dassam Falls: –

As the fabulous natural scenic destination, Dassam Falls has the power to attract a huge crowd of the visitors. And falling from 144f, Dassam Falls offers the live beauty of nature and to take a joyful bath. Also known as the “Dassam Gagh”, it is situated at 35km from Ranchi Railway Station via NH43 and 40 km from Ranchi Airport from where you can hire a cab.

Panchghagh Falls: –

Same like Dassam Falls, Panchghagh Falls also attracts the many of tourists from each corner of the country. According to name, these waterfalls consist of 5 streams and you can visit via Ranchi-Chakradharpur road. It is approximately 54km from the main city of Ranchi. For the picnic and honeymoon, it offers mesmerizing views of nature. While sees the falls from a large height, it feels the heart with pleasure.

Jagannath Temple: –

Staying at the top of the hills, Jagannath Temple has the major attraction for the religious visitors. And millions of the pilgrims arrive per year to view this holy temple. It is a historical temple standing from the 17th century and becoming the reason of charm for the pilgrims. Due to situated on the hill, you can have a great view of the city from here.

Sun Temple: –

For the pleasure and religious views, it has the fabulous views of the construction. With well decorated 18 wheels and 7 horses, it is increasing the beauty of the city. Situated at 10 km from Ranchi railway station and same like 8 km from Ranchi airport, Sun Temple has many car rental services in Ranchi that help to transfer.

Hundru Waterfalls: –

In addition to all above and situated at 45 km from the main city of Ranchi, this natural falls has the gorge views of attraction. It has 320f height and needs to get down 750 stairs to reach the base of the waterfalls. It could make your trip amazing and more curious while visiting here. It is a part of Subarnarekha river which makes this falls.

Ranchi Lake: –

Ranchi lake is situated at the base of the Ranchi hills and attracts the huge crowd of tourists. There are many facilities of the entertainment are available like boating, bathing, and many others. It makes amazing gorgeous views while the sun sets and rises. Maximus tourists arrive here while visit Ranchi hills.

Johna Falls: –

On the other hand, Johna Falls is Situated at 40 km distance from the main city of Ranchi, it touches very closely to Kanchi river. It has a temple that dedicated to lord Buddha and for staying the visitors as well as, here is a beautiful guest house. Many car rental in Ranchi working 24 hours for the visitors.

Birsa Zoological Park: –

Furthermore, this park is one of the most beautiful zoos in India and has the home to flora and fauna. It covers the large area and divided into two parts by national highway that makes it more locative. Birsa Park has lots of wild animals and also a botanical section which becomes the charm for the visitors. To visit here, hire a car on rent in Ranchi and take a joyful drive for here.