Situated in the Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh at Shivpuri temple, Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga is increasing the beauty of the Narmada River which is famous as one of the most pious rivers in India. Narmada River is also the home to the world’s biggest dam projects. While viewing the Shivpuri Island from height it looks like OM symbol. One has to cross 2 rooms before entering the main temple. Unlike the other jyotirlingas of India, Omkareshwar jyotirlinga is not fixed to the ground rather its lies here in its natural form. Water is keep flowing beneath the jyotirlinga. And the idol of Lord Shiva is positioned on the top of the temple. During the month of July and August and Kaartik Purnima, this temple receives hordes of devotees from all round the country.

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Historical Overview of Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga:

An ancient holy book Shiv Puran indicates the origin of this jyotirlinga. According to storyline, two sons of Suryavanshi King, practiced austerities to appease Lord Shiva. And asked the lord to stay here in the form of Jyotirlinga as well as for the benefit of people.

How to reach:

Omkareshwar connects to major towns and cities of Madhya Pradesh. There are taxi services available from Ujjain (133 Kilometers), Indore (77 Kilometers), Khandwa (61 Kilometers.) and Omkareshwar Road (12 Kilometers). It takes merely one hour to reach Omkareshwar from the Khandwa Railway Station via car. If you don’t have a car then no need to worry. There are numerous online car rental companies which provide taxi hiring services. You can book a car online over the internet. Several online cab hiring packages are available for the tourists to enjoy an uninterrupted ride to the jyotirlinga. Other nearby tourist places in Omkareshwar is Gauri Somnath Temple, Kajal Rani Cave, Siddhnath Temple, 24 incarnation temple which is a group of Hindu and Jain temple, Peshawar Ghat, Fanase Ghat etc. On the other hand, there are many car rental services that making cab services for each cities of India.