In the festive country India, there are lots of festivals that take place every year and feel the great enthusiasm in the people. There are the major festivals of India such as Holi, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Maha Shivratri, Dussehra, Eid and more. Among those, the Navaratri festival keeps the special importance for religious purposes and famous for the worship of Goddess Durga. The people observe the fast for nine days and visit the different famous temples on nearby places. The religious people celebrate  Navaratri festival in all over India and Nepal as the religious festival and also five times in a year.

In a year, there are five types of Navaratri such as Vasanta Navaratri (March-April), Ashadh Navaratri, Sharad Navaratri, Pausha Navaratri and Magha Navaratri. Among all those, the Sharad Navaratri is most famous and celebrated with the great enthusiasm. On this occasion, people visit the famed temples of deity Durga and worship there. It is called ‘Nav-Ratri’ means ‘Nine-Nights’. In these nine nights and ten days, the people worship nine forms of Goddess Durga and pray for their wishes. And at last tenth day, it is celebrated as the Vijayadashami or Dussehra and many fairs and cultural programs organized by the people. After 20 days of Vijayadashami, Diwali is celebrated that make the more curiosity in the people for waiting also.

Importance of car rentals on Navaratri Festival:

Navaratri Festival Celebration with Car Rentals

During Navaratri, people visit favorite religious places and worship there but while visiting there, needs to the traveling sources. And on the basis of traveling sources, India is more aggressive and lots of car rentals and taxi services working 24 hours to serve the services. Either for the local or outstation visit, you can hire local cabs or outstation taxi and visit your desired destinations. There are several places to visit during Navaratri where you can fully enjoy this festival.

Famous places to visit during Navaratri Festival:

There are lots of places to visit during Navaratri Festival but here some most special of them that would make you more enthusiastic: –

West Bengal: – West Bengal has the first place in celebrating Durga Pooja during Navaratri. It shows the greatest zeal in the people these days that force to arrive these days for everyone. The streets of the city have the great shining for all the 9 days. While visiting here, you can easily hire a cab from Kolkata.

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh: – Same like Kolkata, Varanasi also keep the major attraction in the Navaratri Festival. These days temples have a different look of shining and the crowd of pilgrims. And keeps the amazing views for the religious visit.

Karnataka: – Karnataka has its own style of celebrating this festival. The people from there, celebrate it with the different programs on the royal and grand victory of truth over evil. And all the corners of the places full of lights and statues of Goddess Durga.

Chhattisgarh: – Chhattisgarh is also one of them which have the grand celebration of the Dussehra Festival. The crowd in the each street can be seen while Navaratri is on the process and people are visiting for worship and view the temples.

Gujrat: – Same like West Bengal, Gujrat celebrates this festival with great zeal and it can be seen in the streets with Garba dance. They celebrate it with music, dance and different types of foods. And show their love towards the Goddess Durga.

Maharashtra: – Maharashtra adds the new style of celebration during Navaratri Festival. The people make the streets live with the music and dance and in front of the statues of Goddess Durga, they organize different programs.