India is the country of festivals and lots of festivals celebrated per year in each corner of the country. Onam is one of those celestial festivals which create the great pleasure for the people of Kerala. In this Indian state, the people celebrate the Onam festival as the harvest festival. And during this occasion, the people follow several rituals for 10 days from Atham to Thiruonam. On the Onam, Kerala taxi services hold the major role to carry away the people from one place to another. Due to one of the most prominent festivals of Kerala, it organizes the grand celebration. And all the Keralites celebrate this festival irrespective of their religion, caste, and creed with new enthusiasm.

How is Onam celebrated?

Onam is celebrated in the first month of Malayalam calendar that called Chingam. It is the 10 days festival and the people celebrate it in the lovely memory of the king Mahabali. And shows the richness of heritage and culture of the Kerala state. This festive moment starts from the 10 days before of the main Onam that called Atham and continuing till Thiruonam. The people visit from the outer areas to view the celestial moment of this beautiful state. The people who work outside of their residence, they arrive their home in anyhow and enjoy the occasion.

It is the ancient festival that still survives in the month of Chingam during the rice harvest of Kerala. And also for the rainy days that give the harvest the new directions. The people also believe that on this day the king Mahabali comes to see his people happy. Their several rituals performed during this festival: –

Pookkalam- It is also known as ‘Onapookkalam’ and decorated with the blossoms in several varieties. And organized as the competition of the highly artistic scenes.

Music & Dance- Many music & dance competitions organized these days and the people find the opportunities to show & see the cultural dance and music.

Onam Sadya- It is the feast that contains 26 popular dishes of Kerala and people either cook or visit for others.

Boat race- On this day, the boat race is most famous. It is the snake boat race and to watch it millions of people arrive at different places with own traveling sources or with the help of Kerala taxi services.

Why Kerala taxi services during Onam?

During the Onam, while the people visit from one to another destination, the Kerala taxi services become the major source for the local and outstation visit. On the different places of Kerala, when many programs organized, the people call for the car rentals in Kerala.

The state of Kerala has the great transportation system and a great tourism network. Therefore while the tourists visit in large number, the cab services in Kerala play the major role. Either visiting for boat race or gorgeous destination views of Kerala, taxi in Kerala assists in the professional ways and offers the great chances to visit all the places. On the occasion of Onam, cab booking services proof the major effect and become the major source of travel.