India is the country of festivals & celebrations and thousands of festivals celebrated per year from January to December. Among those festivals, the Guru Purnima has its own importance and celebrated all over India with the great zeal. It is the ritual and religious festival. All the religious communities whether they are Hindus, Sikhs, Jains or Buddhists celebrate it all together. On the festival of Guru Purnima, car hire services play a major role to visit from one place to another. It is the festival belongs to the teachers who teach you and help to progress in your life.

The car hire services on Guru Purnima; –

On the occasion of the Guru Purnima, the people worship their Guru (teacher) who removed the darkness from their life. The people visit their favorite deity with different car hire services in all over India. The Hindus worship the great saint Ved Vyasa for his “Geeta” (Epic) and Buddhists Worship Lord Buddha for his teachings. In all religions, it is celebrated to honor the teachers who teach the students and spiritual Gurus. It is the special festival for the farmers who celebrate it at the arrival of the monsoon. The month of ‘Chaturmas (four months)’ start from this day that makes it significant for the farmers.

Besides all those, Parikrama (spin) of the Govardhan mountain in Vrindavan has the major attraction for the religious people. This day, a huge crowd of the pilgrims visits here to spin around the Gowardhan and enjoy this festival. There are many programs to which the religious organizations on this occasion and ceremony with great enthusiasm. In Vrindavan, the Mahatmas (saints) organized Satsang, Bhajan, and Pooja and the people offer gifts and sweets. This day, the pilgrims visit on different destinations to join the assembly of the saints.

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