In the state of Gujrat, Bhuj is a city that offers the beauty of nature and architecture both. It has kept the gloriousness for historical, religious and the sights for pleasure. Whether within the city or out of the city, there are various attractions that making it fabulous. If anybody visits once, he never misses the chance to visit again because of touching the depth of heart. The scenery of the natural beauty makes the different charm for arrivals. And attracts millions of tourists per year not only from India but each corner of the world.

For traveling, It makes available all the sources such as the airways, railways, and roadways. It easily avails the car rental services, online cab booking services, and luxury cabs in Bhuj. Either planning for local or outstation tours & travel, hire the local taxi or outstation cab services in Bhuj. The cab services in Bhuj become the reason of getting full pleasure in the city. There are some most famous destinations in Bhuj that known for their gorgeous sights: –

Hamirsar Lake:hamirsar lake

In the city of Bhuj, Hamirsar Lake may be one of the best choices for pleasure. The natural views of this spot make the glorious vision for visitors from all over India. While riding by a car rental service through Bhuj, You must visit Hamirsar Lake and see the beautiful site. Within the kilometer from the city, you can simply walk for here.

Prag Mahal (Prag Palace):Pragmahal

At the basis of historical views, Prag Mahal Palace is the major attractions here that make the attraction for the visitors. Also offers the great scene of architectural beauty for them who choice the beauty of art and design. Just at the distance of 2km via city police station road, it has the glorious beauty to offer.

Aina Mahal (Aina Palace):aina mahal

Aina Mahal is the other example of the architectural and historical combination of qualities that become glamor for tourists. Also at the distance of only 2 km from Bhuj City, you can visit easily when driving for the fabulous points of this city. Located just next to Prag Mahal, Aina Mahal is 18th century Palace that was built by Rao Lakhpatji.

Kutch Museum:kutch museum

Besides of Historical and natural places, Kutch Museum is the attraction for its collection of Kshatrapa inscriptions. Kutch Museum is the oldest Museum in Gujarat and built in Italian Gothic style. Spread in the 11 sections, you will find lots of historical things here.

Shri Swaminarayan Temple:oie_483769knkc3eq

For the religious purposes, Shri Swaminarayan temple is the most famous temple in the city of Bhuj. It attracts thousands of pilgrims per year from each corner of the country and also from out of the country. Shri Swaminarayan temple is the symbol of calm and devotional purposes.

Bhujiyo Hill:oie_484057tfofark0

On the other hand, Bhujiyo Hill has the other reason of charm due to its natural and open environment. For the pleasure and honeymoon purposes, it proofs perfectness itself and calls the wanderers from all over the world and each corner of the country.